GRAPH THEORY 2002 (remember to reload the page to get the most recent version)

at the University of Southern Denmark
August 19-23, 2002.

TITLES OF ACCEPTED TALKS (a star * indicates a 20 min talk - otherwise 45 min)

Valeri A. Aksionov, Novosibirsk (The extension of 3-colorings of planar graphs)
Lars Døvling Andersen, Aalborg
Jørgen Bang-Jensen, Odense (On the minimum cost cycle problem for tournament-like digraphs)
Alex R. Berg, Aarhus
Stephane Bessy, Lyon
Thomas Boehme, Ilmenau (Extending a partial coloring - a conjecture)
Adrian Bondy, Lyon (Some of Claude Berge's unsolved conjectures)
Oleg V. Borodin, Novosibirsk (New results on the 3 color problem)
Stephan Brandt, Ilmenau (A 4-colour problem for dense triangle-free graphs)
Hajo Broersma, Twente (Planar graph coloring with forbidden subgraphs)
Reinhard Diestel, Hamburg (The cycle space of an infinite graph)
Mette Hagenborg Eskesen, Copenhagen
Dimitry G. Fon-Der-Flaass, Novosibirsk (Perfect colourings of a hypercube)
Alexei N. Glebov, Novosibirsk (Vertex partition of a planar graph into a forest and an independent set)
Gregory Gutin, London (When greedy-type algorithms fail)
Andras  Gyarfas, Budapest (Graph colouring by set intersections)
Morten Hegner Nielsen, Odense
Jan van den Heuvel, London (Edge connectivity and related properties of vertex-transitive graphs*)
Tommy R. Jensen, Hamburg (On a weakening of Grunbaum and Havel's 3-color problem*)
Leif  Kjær Jørgensen, Aalborg ( Regular digraphs with low rank*)
Iskandar Karapetyan, Yerevan (On intersection graphs of rectangles and rays*)
Gerhard Koester, Hamburg
John Maharry, Columbus
Leonid S. Melnikov, Novosibirsk (Regular 4-edge critical Erdos graphs of even degree)
Reza Naserasr, Vancouver (Homomorphisms and edge-colourings of planar graphs)
Artem V. Pyatkin, Novosibirsk (On (k,l)-incidentor colouring)
Sergey V. Savchenko, Chernogolovka (Maximal strongly conn. subdigraphs of strongly conn. digraphs)
Jens Schreyer, Ilmenau (Vertex oblique graph decomposition*)
Michael Stiebitz, Ilmenau (Nordhaus, Gaddum and Ramsey)
R. Steinberg, Cambridge (Combinatorial auctions)
Vladimir A. Tashkinov, Novosibirsk (On Goldberg's conjectures)
Stephan Thomasse, Lyon (Strong spanning subgraph versus stability)
Carsten Thomassen, Lyngby (Cycles and chromatic numbers of graphs)
Bjarne Toft, Odense (Improvements of the theorem of Duchet and Meyniel on Hadwiger's  Conjecture*)
VadimG. Vizing, Odessa (On interval colourings of incidentors)
Margit Voigt, Ilmenau  (Coloring of distance graphs*)
Sanne Wøhlk, Odense
Anders Yeo, London (Hamiltonian paths and cycles containing a given path or collection of arcs, in close to regular multipartite tournaments)
Shenggui Zhang, Twente