Bibliography Chapter 9

J. Kahn has kindly pointed out that the most important new result (Theorem 5.11) of the survey paper on hypergraphs, listed in the reference section to Chapter 9 of "Graph Coloring Problems" as Kahn [1994b], gives as one special case (Theorem 5.10 of the paper) that the list-edge-chromatic number of a simple graph with maximum degree D is asymptotically D + o(D).

In the text of Problem 12.20 we credit this result to R. Häggkvist and J.C.M. Janssen. We note in this connection that we have erroneously given the asymptotic bound as "D + o(1)", which, as it was again kindly pointed out by J. Kahn, should have been "D + o(D)".

June 15, 1995. Tommy R. Jensen

The manuscript cited as "Sachs [1991]" has appeared

H. Sachs, Coin graphs, polyhedra and conformal mapping, Discrete Math. 134, 133-138, 1994.

August 25, 1997. Tommy R. Jensen

The monograph cited as "Soifer [to appear]" has its own home page

A. Soifer, Mathematical Coloring Book, Center for Excellence in Mathematical Education, to appear.

August 27, 1997. Tommy R. Jensen

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