I am heading the Algorithmic Cheminformatics group at IMADA, SDU.

I am head of the section Algorithms at IMADA, SDU.

International Collaborations (far from complete)

Department Univeristy Country Main Collaborator
Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, Fontana Lab Harvard University US Walter Fontana
Theoretical Biochemistry Group, Institute for Theoretical Chemistry University of Vienna Austria Christoph Flamm
Professur für Bioinformatik, Institut für Informatik Universität Leipzig Germany Peter Stadler
Associate Professor of Computational Mathemtics University of Stockholm Sweden Marc Hellmuth


Tool Short Description
MØD MØD is a software package developed for graph-based cheminformatics. It includes a general graph transformation system for automatically generating reaction networks from graph grammar formulations of chemistries.
TreeREx Inferring Mitochondrial Genome Rearrangements in a Phylogenetic Tree
DNA Templated Synthesis Algorithms for the optimization of DNA-Templated Synthesis Programs
EpiM Computing execution spaces of π-calculus processes
CREx Common Interval Rearrangement Explorer
CoRePA A tool for the reconstruction of cophylogenies
Tarzan Another tool for the reconstruction of cophylogenies