See also Computer Systems at IMADA.

IMADA File Server for Employees

The file server is available for employees to store their data, e.g., backups.


The file server is accessible via SSH at internally at SDU, e.g., being on the SDU employee network. This can be achieved either by being physically at SDU (on eduroam or cabled), or by enabling the SDU VPN.

Your username is either your ordinary username or your ordinary username with domain prefix, e.g., either john or nat-sdu\john. Whether your need to prefix with domain depends on when your account was created. If it is later than approximately 2019 then the prefix should not be needed.


If you need to prefix with domain, and type the username on the command line, then the backslash needs to be escaped. For example

> ssh nat-sdu\\

See also Passwordless SSH Connections.


The server will be rebooted every Tuesday morning at 6.

File Transfer

Any SSH-based method works, e.g, the commands scp and rsync, or any SFTP client like


On Linux you can mount a folder on the file server by using sshfs, which on Ubuntu can be install with sudo apt install sshfs.

On macOS you can use macFUSE.