Graph Theory 2009

at Trinity, Fredericia, Denmark

Thursday November 26 - Sunday November 29

Petersen Graph

This is the web page for the meeting Graph Theory 2009 to be held at the conference center Trinity in Fredericia, Denmark, Nov. 26-29, 2009.

The meeting Graph Theory 2007 took place in the same center - here are many pictures from Graph Theory 2007.

Trinity is situated close to Lillebælt (the small belt between Jutland and Funen), and it is accesible by train, both from the south (Hamburg) and the east (Copenhagen). The train stations Fredericia (Jutland) and Middelfart (Funen) are both around 6 km from Trinity - take a taxi to reach Trinity (or try to be picked up by the conference organizers!). If you travel by plane either Copenhagen Airport (2.5 hours by train from Fredericia) or Billund Airport (50 km from Fredericia) are possibilities.

The meeting will start in the evening of Thursday November 26 with a problem session at 20:00. There is no dinner arranged for Thursday evening, but there will be sandwiches, softdrinks and beer available. Please think of a good problem to present.

The meeting will finish with lunch on Sunday November 29.

Conference topics



János Bárat: Crossings and colorings
Stefane Bessy: Partitioning a graph into a cycle and an anticycle - a proof of Lehel's Conjecture
Adrian Bondy: Switching reconstruction
Stephan Brandt: Minimum degree and density of binary sequences
Mieczysław Borowiecki: (H,Q)-colourings of graphs
Hajo Broersma: Three complexity results on coloring Pk-free graphs
Louis Esperet: Covering line graphs with equivalence relations
Inge Li Gørtz: Minimum makespan dial-a-ride
Daniel Goncalves: The spanning galaxy problem
Gregory Gutin: Polynomial-size kernels for problems parametrized above tight lower bounds
András Gyárfás: How to generalize Gallai colorings?
Jochen Harant: A generalization of Tutte's theorem on Hamiltonian cycles in planar graphs
Tibor Jordan: Body-bar graphs with unique d-dimensional realizations
Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi: Graphs  without subdivisions
Zoltan Kiraly: Maximum number of cycles and hamiltonian cycles in sparse graphs
Matthias Kriesell: Large complete minors in graphs without certain small induced subgraphs
Peter Mihók: Generalized colourings and fractional invariants of graphs
Bojan Mohar: Chromatic number and complete graph substructure for degree sequences
Mickael Montassier: Near colouring of sparse graphs
Andre Raspaud: Homomorphisms of sparse graphs to small graphs
Dieter Rautenbach: Bounds on the independence number of a graph
Michael Stiebitz: The Erdös-Lovász Tihany problem
Zoltán Szigeti: Partition constrained edge-connectivity augmentation of a hypergraph


This is the planned program (Nov. 25, 2009).

The Museum of Combinatorics

Together with Adrian Bondy we have (briefly) discussed the possibility of creating a Museum of Combinatorics. One possibility is to make a virtual museum on the internet, with information about items in the museum (for example pictures, the owner of the item, the whereabouts of the item, information about possibilities for borrowing the item for exhibitions, etc.).  Items could be books, photos, letters,  special issues of journals,  games, lecture-notes,  personal items from famous combinatorialists, etc. We shall make a small exhibition at the meeting of possible items - and participants may perhaps bring favorite items of interest to exhibit. The possibility will be discussed during the meeting - please think about ideas/suggestions/proposals!


The meeting will start in the evening of Thursday Nov. 26 at 20:00 with a problem-session. We ask participants to bring good problems to present and discuss during the meeting. (There will be no common dinner in the evening of Nov. 26, but sandwiches and softdrinks/beer will be available from around 18:00).
Here are the problems presented at the Sandbjerg2009 conference.

Best regards
Jørgen Bang-Jensen, Marco Chirandini, Bjarne Toft
IMADA, The University of Southern Denmark.
Last updated: Nov. 25, 2009.