Graph Theory 2012

at Hotel Nyborg Strand, Nyborg, Denmark

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Thursday November 1 - Sunday November 4,  2012

This is the web page for the meeting Graph Theory 2012.

Nyborg is situated close to the Great Belt between Sealand and Funen), and it is accesible by train, both from the south (Hamburg) and the east (Copenhagen). If you travel by plane then Copenhagen Airport (97 minutes by direct train from Nyborg) is the best possibility.
The conference site (Hotel Nyborg Strand) is within walking distance from the railwaystation in Nyborg.

BY TRAIN: Nyborg train station is situated 5 mintues drive away from the hotel and there are train connections to both Jutland and Sealand leaving every half hour almost all day. From the station you'll also find regular bus departures.

WALKING FROM THE STATION: If you are walking from the station we recomend that you use "The Nature Path". You can find information and directions by the station - look for the sign "Natursti til Strandhotellerne" (path to the beach hotels) - and by the hotel (Christianslundsvej) with the sign "Natursti til banegården" (path to the train station)  - walking distance max. 10 minutes.

BY CAR: By freeway comming from west (Jutland): Take exit 45 and go left along the Great Belt strait on Østerøvej directly to the hotel.
By freeway comming from east (Copenhagen/Sealand): Take exit 45 and go right along The Great Belt strait on the "Østerøvej" road directly to the hotel.

The meeting will start in the evening of Thursday Nov. 1 at 20:00 with a problem session. There is no dinner arranged for Thursday evening, but there will be sandwiches, softdrinks and beer available from around 18:00. Please think of a good problem to present.

The meeting will finish with lunch (starting at 12:00) on Sunday Nov. 4th.

Conference topics

Confirmed Participants

Jørgen Bang-Jensen
Stephan Brandt
Marco Chiarandini
Fedor Fomin
Gregory Gutin
András Gyárfás
Inge Li Gørtz 
Hossein Hajiabolhassan

Bill Jackson
Peter Keevash
Leif Kjær-Jørgensen
Matthias Kriesell
Daniela Kühn 
Alessandro Maddaloni
Seongmin Ok

Deryk Osthus
Christophe Paul
Saket Saurabh
Sven Simonsen
Anita A. Sillasen
Michael Stiebitz
Zoltan Szigeti
Stéphan Thomassé
Carsten Thomassen
Bjarne Toft
Nicolas Trotignon
Théophile Trunck

Jan van den Heuvel
Christian Wulff Nilsen
Anders Yeo


Stephan Brandt: The circumference of the square of a connected graph
Fedor Fomin: Subexponential Parameterized Algorithm for Minimum Fill-in
Gregory Gutin: Parametrized Complexity of Access Control Problems
András Gyárfás: Coverings and partitions by monochromatic components - problems and results
Hossein Hajiabolhassan: Graph powers and graph colorings
Bill Jackson: Constructing long cycles in graphs
Peter Keevash: The Túran number of bipartite graphs plus an odd cycle
Matthias Kriesell: On the Structure of Graphs of Minimum Degree at least 4
Daniela Kühn: Kelly's conjecture on Hamiltonian decomposition - a proof for large tournaments
Allesandro Maddaloni: Polynomial kernels for feedback set problems on special mclasses of digraphs
Deryk Osthus: Robust expanding directed graphs
Christophe Paul: Planar-F delition in single FPT time
Saket Saurabh: Planar F-Deletion: Kernelization, Approximation and FTP Algorithms
Anita A. Sillasen: 3-Uniform Friendship Hypergraphs
Sven Simonsen: Quasi-Hamiltonian Paths in Semicomplete Multipartite Digraphs
Michael Stiebitz: Critical graphs and hypergraphs with few edges
Zoltán Szigeti: On packing of aborescences
Stéphan Thomassé: Graph coloring, communication complexity, and the stubborn problem
Nicolas Trotignon: Degeneracy in hereditary classes
Jan van den Heuvel: Fractional Coloring and Pre-colouring Extension of Graphs
Christian Wulff-Nilsen: Faster Deterministic Fully-Dynamic Graph Connectivity
Anders Yeo: Total Domination in Graphs with Diameter two and Matching Critical Intersection Hypergraphs

Preliminary program

Day of arrival.
There will be sandwiches, soft drinks and beer available from around 18:00.
20:00-22:00 Problem Session
09:00-12:00  Lectures       09:00-9:40      09:45-10:25    10:30-11:10    11:15-11:55
Chair: BT                          Stiebitz       van den Heuvel    Thomassé    Hajiabolhassan
12:00 Lunch
15:00-18:00 Lectures        15:00-15:40    15:45-16:25    16:30-17:10    17:15-17:55    18:00-18-40
Chair: JBJ                           Maddaloni    Simonsen        Osthus            Kühn                Szigeti  
19:00  Dinner

09:00-12:00 Lectures        9:00-9:40      09:45-10:25    10:30-11:10    11:15-11:55
Chair: ILG                           Saurabh        Paul                Gutin               Fomin   
12:00 Lunch
15:00-18:00 Lectures        15:00-15:40    15:45-16:25    16:30-17:10    17:15-17:55    18:00-18-40
Chair: CT                            Brandt            Jackson            Gyarfás        Keevash           Kriesell
19:00  Conference dinner

09:00-12:00 Lectures         09:00-9:40      09:45-10:25    10:30-11:10    11:15-11:55
Chair: LKJ                         Wullf-Nielsen    Trotignon        Sillasen            Yeo
12:00 Lunch
Departure from Nyborg Strand


The meeting will start in the evening of Thursday Nov. 1 with a problem-session. We ask participants to bring good problems to present and discuss during the meeting. (There will be no common dinner in the evening of Nov. 1, but sandwiches and softdrinks/beer will be available from around 18:00).

(Unfortunately the sound on some of the videos is very poor).

Best regards
Jørgen Bang-Jensen and Bjarne Toft
IMADA, The University of Southern Denmark.
Last updated:  06/11/2012