Getting from the Copenhagen airport to Odense: At the airport, follow the signs for the trains (at some point you will pass a ticket office where you can buy a ticket for Odense in case you have not bought one online in advance). Then take the first train in the direction of Copenhagen (a little bit of care is needed at this point, since if you take the train in the wrong direction, the next stop is in Sweden, which is a bit of a detour and not covered by your ticket to Odense). Some of the trains continue to Odense after stopping at Copenhagen central, and others do not. So, if necessary simply get off the train at Copenhagen central and take the first train bound for Jutland (aka the part of Denmark connected to Germany). Their end stations vary a bit, so it might be a good idea to ask at the central station which train to take, but they all stop in Odense so you cannot take a wrong train (as long as it is Jutland-bound!). If you happen to take a train in the morning it might be a good idea to reserve a seat when you buy the ticket, as they tend to fill up. And of course you have to get off the train once you reach Odense (there is only one station, so you cannot go wrong there).

Getting from the Odense train station to Campus: When arriving at the train station, take the escalator up from the platform and follow the crowd until you eventually find yourself on an escalator going down. At the end of the escalator, if you turn left and exit the building you will be at the bus station. There you can take buses 41, 42 and 44 in the direction of the university ('Universitetet' in Danish). It is of course also an option to hail a cab, in which case it should be sufficient to tell the driver that you want to go to the university (main Campus).

Finding the department: At the moment (August, 2019) there is some construction going on, so there is only one bus-stop (see this map) by the university so you of course need to get off there. Once you get off the bus, find your way into the main building. Then locate the first map to determine your location and compare with this map map to figure out how to find your way to the department. Basically you will have to walk all the way down the long main corridor called 'Gydehutten' until you reach a perpendicular corridor on your left called 'Knoldene' and at the end of that, the department (acronym: IMADA) is placed on the first floor. My office is located down by our little local library, roughly where the big red arrow on the map is pointing.

In case you get lost: Give me a call on my cell phone (0045-21816859), and in case I don't pick up, try calling our department secretary (0045-65502387).

Travel planning: When using public transportation within Denmark, the website 'rejseplanen' is quite handy, and the language can be set to either English or German if your Danish skills are not up to snuff.