Name: David Hammer

I’m a PhD student at the University of Southern Denmark and Goethe University Frankfurt as part of a cotutelle agreement. The title of my project and my main research interest is “Theory and practice of external memory algorithms”. My supervisors are Rolf Fagerberg and Ulrich Meyer.

My current office is the “42” at IMADA, SDU, Odense. Technically, it has the very convenient name Ø18-511b-2.



TA’ing (or co-TA’ing):

2020 spring
DM533 - Complexity and Computability
  • Details to follow once the semester starts.
2018/2019 winter semester (Frankfurt)
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
2018 spring
DM533 - Complexity and Computability
  • For students: I sometimes upload some of my personal notes on exercises reviewed in the exercise sessions. Please note that they may are usually brief and/or incomplete (I just use them to jog my memory) and should not be considered a replacement for showing up. But please notify me if you find something decidedly wrong in them.
2017 fall
DM549 - Discrete Methods for Computer Science
2016 fall
DM536 - Introduction to Programming
2016 spring
DM507 - Algorithms and Data Structures
2015 fall
DM547 - Discrete Math


While following DM841 (Geometric algorithms), I made two small demo implementations of algorithms discussed in the course:

Both were mostly tested on Firefox, so I have no idea if either work on your browser.