Hans Chr. Petersen
Associate Professor, PhD

Tel: + 45 6550 3543
Secretariat IMADA: +45 6550 2387
E-mail: hcpetersen@sdu.dk



PhD, Biology (Biological Anthropology), University of Aarhus & Université de Bordeaux I


MSc, Biology (Population Biology/Palaeoanthropology), University of Aarhus

Academic career:


Associate Professor, IMADA, University of Southern Denmark


Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, IPH, University of Southern Denmark


Assistant Professor, Anthropological DataBase (ADBOU) and Epidemiology, IPH, University of Southern Denmark


Statistician/Research Fellow, National Institute of Public Health, Copenhagen

1994 (January-March)

Invited Maître de Conférences, Laboratoire d'Anthropologie, Université de Bordeaux I


Leading anthropologists at excavation of Medieval cemetery (Grey Friars), Ribe, Denmark, 1993. (600+ graves)


Human Osteologist/Researcher, various research projects and archaeological excavations


Head of Department/Specialist, Unit of Osteology, Swedish National Museum, Stockholm

Research areas:

Biology of Late Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic populations in Europe

Evolution and variability of human sexual dimorphism

Multivariate statistics applied to biological anthropology

Statistical analysis of datasets with missing values

Geometric and classical morphometry

Selected publications:

Hansen, J., Petersen, H. C., Frei, K. M., Courtaud, P., Tillier, A., Fischer, A. & Allentoft, M. (2017). The Maglemosian skeleton from Koelbjerg, Denmark revisited: identifying sex and provenance. Danish Journal of Archaeology, vol. 6: 50-66.

Petersen, H.C. (2012). Review of: A Study through Skull Morphology on the Diversity of Holocene African Populations in a Historical Perspective. By I. Ribot (Oxford: BAR International Series 2215, Archaeopress, 2011). Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris, vol. 24: 104-106. [PDF]

Jørgensen, B. & Petersen, H.C. (2012). Efficient estimation for incomplete multivariate data. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, , vol. 142: 1215-1224.[PDF]

Petersen, H.C., (2011). A re-evaluation of stature estimation from skeletal length in the grave. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol. 144: 327-330. [PDF]

Robine, J.-M., Petersen, H.C. & Jeune, B. (2009). Buffon et la longevité des espèces. In: L'héritage de Buffon, Bernez, M.-O. (ed), (Proceedings of the congress «Buffon 2007», Dijon september, 2007.) Editions Universitaire de Dijon, Dijon, pp. 257-272.[PDF]

Petersen, H.C., Boldsen, J.L. & Paine, R.R. (2006). ”Population relationships in and around Medieval Danish towns”. Chapter 5 in: Urbanism in the Preindustrial World:  Cross-Cultural Approaches , Storey, G.R. (ed.), University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, pp. 110-120. [PDF]

Petersen, H.C. (2005). On the accuracy of estimating living stature from skeletal length in the grave and by linear regression. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, vol. 15: 106-114. [PDF]

Petersen, H.C. (2005). Review of: Neanderthals and Modern Humans. An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective. By C. Finlayson. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004). American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol. 128: 706-707.[PDF]

Petersen, H.C. (2004). Review of: Paleodemography. Age distributions from skeletal samples. Edited by R.D. Hoppa and J.W. Vaupel. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002). Annals of Human Biology, vol. 31: 374-375. [PDF]

Boomsma, J.J., Nielsen, J., Sundström, L., Oldham, N.J., Tentschert, J., Petersen, H.C. & Morgan, E.D. (2003). Informational constraints on optimal sex allocation in ants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA, vol.100: 8799-8804.

Petersen, H.C., Jeune, B., Vaupel, J.W. & Christensen, K. (2002). Reproduction life history and hip fractures. Annals of Epidemiology, vol.12: 257-263. [PDF]

Nielsen, C., Holdensgaard, G., Petersen, H.C., Björnsson, B.Th. & Madsen, S.S. (2001). Genetic differences in physiology, growth hormone levels and migratory behaviour in Atlantic salmon smolts. Journal of Fish Biology, vol.59: 28-44.

Petersen, H.C. (2000). On statistical methods for comparison of intrasample morphometric variability - Zalavár revisited. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol.113: 79-84. [PDF] [R script]

Petersen, H.C. (1997). A discriminant analysis approach to morphological regionalization in the European Late Mesolithic. Anthropologischer Anzeiger, vol. 55: 33-42. [PDF]

Petersen, H.C. (1993). An anthropological investigation of the Single Grave Culture in Denmark. In: Iregren, E. & Liljekvist, R. (eds): Populations of the Nordic countries. Human population biology from the present to the Mesolithic, Lund, pp.178 -188. [PDF]


Société d'Anthropologie de Paris (SAP)

European Anthropological Association (EAA)

American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA)

Morphometrics at SUNY Stony Brooks

Selected recent Master projects supervised:

Lassalle, Elodie, "Approche métrique de la variabilité des mandibules des populations groenlandaises "précontacte". Imagerie médicale et mandibulomètre virtuel". PACEA, Université de Bordeaux, September 2012. Co-direction with Anne-marie Tillier & Bruno Dutailly, PACEA, Bordeaux.

Hollister, Kasper C., "Skeletter fortæller historien" [The Skeletons' Tale]. SDU (History & Anthropology). September 2012. Co-direction with Kurt Villads Jensen (Dept. of History).

Olesen, Line M., "Cranio-facial robusticity in the Danish Neolithic". Biological anthropology, SDU, June 2011

Jensen, Anne Ø., "Estimation of Sex from Osteological Measurements from Lumbar Vertebrae and Sacrum in Homo sapiens". Biological anthropology, SDU, March 2011

Textbook contributions (all in Danish) in:
Lynnerup, N., Bennike, P. & Iregren, E. (eds). Biologisk Antropologi med Human Osteologi,
Gyldendals Forlag, Copenhagen, 2008).

Lynnerup, N., Alexandersen, V. & Petersen, H.C. “Antropometri [Anthropometry].”
Chapter 6, pp. 97-109.

Petersen, H.C. & Alexandersen, V. “Non-metriske træk [Non-metric traits].”
Chapter 7, pp. 111-119.

Petersen, H.C. “Det Osteologiske Paradoks - Et identifikationsproblem” [The Osteological Paradox - an identification problem].
Chapter 16, pp. 309-318.

Recent and current teaching:

Human Evolution (NAT804), general Master course (5 ECTS)

Biometrics (ST805), special Master course in morphometrics (5 ECTS)

Statistics for Biologists (ST503), basic Bachelor course (5 ECTS)

Zoology and Evolution (BB525), Bachelor course, human evolution and phylogeny section (1 ECTS)

Multivariate Statistical Analysis (ST514/ST811), Bachelor/Master course (5 ECTS)

Multivariate Data Analysis - Chemometrics (ST808/K-MDA), Master course (5 ECTS)

Statistics for Biological anthropologists (SU504), basic Bachelor course (5 ECTS)

Other activities:

Anthropologist, together with Patrice Courtaud, PACEA, Bordeaux Université 1, at excavation of Mesolithic burial site. Campu Stefano, Corsica, France, 2009 and 2011

Sabbatical at Dept. of Anthropology, Princeton University, and University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, February-March, 2011.

Sabbatical at Lab. d'Anthropologie des Populations Passées et Présentes, PACEA, Bordeaux Université 1, November-December, 2010.

Invited keynote speaker at the 1841ème Journée de la Société d'Anthropolpogie de Paris, Lyon, January 2016: "Acquisition, gestion et partage des données quantitatives en anthropologie biologique. Un essai d'introduction."

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