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Weekly notes and further information concerning the course DM517 Fall 2014

Reeksamen 23 Februar 2015

Det vil være 30 minuters mundtlig eksamen uden forberedelse. Eksaminationen tager udgangspunkt i det trukne spørgsmål fra listen nedenfor. Efter ca 20 minutter stilles generelle spørgsmål i pensum. Der vil primært blive testet forståelse af emnerne, samt evne til at anvende teorien (f.eks pumpelemmaer).


The course starts on September 1, 2014 You should check the schedule on the faculty pages. Note that the course runs for the whole semester (ends in week 50). The exam is a 4 hour written exam with external examinator. The exam is December 19th 10-14 (9-14)

The book is Michael Sipser, Introduction to the theory of computation, 3rd edition Gengage learning. You should buy the book before the first lecture!

Obligatory assignments

Notes on undecidability proofs

These notes which you can find here are in Danish as they are a rewrite of notes from a precursor of this course.

Weekly notes

Previous exam problems in DM17 in danish

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