x Weekly notes (Ugesedler)

Weekly notes and further information concerning the course DM553 spring 2017


The course starts on February 1st, 2017 You should check the schedule on the faculty pages. Note that it has changed on January 23.

We use two books and some hand out notes and papers. The books are:

Exam assignments

These will appear here as the are posed. Recall from the course description that the final grade will be based on an overall impression of your performance in the assignments and the oral exam.

Oral Exam

The exam takes place June 26-28 with the first part of June 26 reserved to students who study mathematics and June 28 to those (few) who need an exam in DM508.

Exam Questions and info

Slides for exam question 7 (Cook-Levin theorem)

PDF slides from lectures

Weekly notes in PDF

Other notes

Previous exam problems in DM17 in danish

Note that DM17 was a larger course so some of the questions do not reflect the pensum for DM517. Still many of the problems directly reflect the kind of problems you may meet at the exam. If you do not read danish, please ask a fellow student to help translate the few danish words in the problems.

Previous exam problems in DM17 in Danish and English

Previous exams in DM517

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