DM85 Networks and Integer Programming

Basic info

Classes are Monday 10-12 and Friday 12-14 in the seminarroom. The course starts Friday February 2nd.
There will be two obligatory projects. The dates for these projects will be scheduled soon (at least for the first one).


The exam date is June 19th

Curriculum and exam questions

First project posed on March 2nd. Note that the current file is an updated version published on March 6. The project must be handed in by March 23 no later than 14.30.

Second project posed on April 23rd.

The projects must be handed in no later than May 21st at noon.

Data for Project 2

The data is listed in the following format:

The first n-1 edges is the spanning tree H with cost 0 on all edges. Hence E' are the remaining edges starting at number n.

Weekly Notes in PDF format

OPL Studio

This is the software we shall use during the course. We have one license of the full version (I will give instructions on how to use that next week). Besides this you should all download the free trial version of OPL studio 3.7.1 (not the higher version!). You do so by going to the URL and register. Now you should be able to download OPL studio 3.7.1.

If it does not work you can find the instalation kit for Windows as an .exe file here

Slides and other material from the lectures in PDF

OPL examples

Will appear here as they become relevant.

Python files

List of corrections to Wolseys book

Links to material on Networks and Integer Programming

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