Graph Theory 2003
November 27-30, 2003


Thursday November 27:

[16:00-18.45:] Arrival
[19:00-20:15:] Dinner

[20:30-21:00:] Adrian Bondy, On a combinatorial number-theoretic problem
[21:00-22:15:] Problem session

Friday November 28:

[07:30-08:30:] Breakfast
[08:40-09:20:] Michael Stiebitz, Color-critical graphs and hypergraphs with few edges.
[09:20-10:00:] Miki Simonovits, Extremal hypergraphs and hypergraph colorings.

[10:00-10:30:] Coffee

[10:30-11:10:] Bert Randerath, Computational complexity of some colouring problems
[11:10-11:50:] Eric Sopena, Incidence coloring of graphs.
[11:50-12:30:] Hajo Broersma, Backbone colorings along spanning trees, spanning paths and perfect matchings.

[12:30-14:30] Lunch break

[14:30-15:10:] Anders Yeo, The number of pancyclic arcs in a k-strong tournament
[15:10-15:50:] Zoltan Szigeti, On Nash-Williams' orientation theorem

[15:50-16:20:] Coffee

[16:20-17:00:] Stephan Thomassé, Median orders and coherent cyclic orders of digraphs.
[17:00-17:40:] Stephane Bessy, Three min/max theorems for coherent cyclic orders of digraphs. A proof of a conjecture of Gallai.
[17:40-18:20:] Alex Berg, Detachments in digraphs.

[19:00-] Conference dinner

Saturday November 29:

[08:00-09:00:] Breakfast
[09:20-09:50:] Mike Plummer, Some Recent Results in Three Areas of Matching Theory.
[09:50-10:30:] Roland Haggkvist, On the cycle double cover conjecture.

[10:30-11:00:] Coffee

[11:00-11:40:] Zoltan Kiraly, Using lambda-supermodularity in dual packing theory
[11:40-12:20:] Jan Van den Heuvel, On the diameter of the transportation polytope.
[12:20-13:00:] Jens Myrup Pedersen, SqoS and multiple independent paths in Large-Scale networks.

[13:00-14:30] Lunch break

[14:30-15:10:] Bojan Mohar, Acyclic colorings of locally planar graphs.
[15:10-15:50:] Margit Voigt, Coloring problems for planar graphs.

[15:50-16:20:] Coffee

[16:20-17:00:] André Raspaud, (d,1)-total labelling of planar graphs with large girth and high maximum degree.
[17:00-17:40:] Robert Aldred, Selective 3-edge-colourings and cyclic edge-connectivity in cubic bipartite graphs.
[17:40-18:20:] Carsten Thomassen, On Hajos' conjecture.

[19:00-] Dinner

Sunday November 30:

[07:30-08:30:] Breakfast
[08:40-09:20:] Thomas Boehme, Minors in large graphs.
[09:20-10:00:] Matthias Kriesell, Determining minor minimal k-connected graphs.

[10:00-10:30:] Coffee

[10:30-11:10:] Tibor Jordan, Weakly four-connected graphs, two-connected orientations and removable subgraphs.
[11:10-11:50:] Jarik Nesetril, Projective, strongly rigid and uniquelly colorable graphs.
[11:50-12:30:] Stephan Brandt, Subgraphs in vertex neighbourhoods of K_r-free graphs.

[12:30-14:30] Lunch

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Joergen Bang-Jensen