Graph Theory 2005
December 1-4, 2005


Thursday december 1:

[16:00-19.45:] Arrival
[19:00-20:15:] Sandwiches

[20:00-21:30:] Problem session chaired by Adrian Bondy
[21:30-22.00:] Jřrgen Bang-Jensen, A graph theoretical generalization of the number partition problem.

Friday december 2:

[07:30-08:40:] Breakfast
[08:40-09:20:] Matthias Kriesell, A constructive characterization of the 3-connected triangle free graphs
[09:20-10:00:] Tibor Jordan, Location problems in graphs with connectivity and rigidity requirements

[10:00-10:20:] Coffee

[10:20-11:00:] Frederic Havet, Design of fault tolerant on-board networks
[11:00-11:40:] Arie Koster, Graph-theoretic challenges in the Design of Survivable Optical Networks
[11:40-12:20:] Gregory Gutin, Parameterized Complexity for Graph Linear Arrangement Problems

[12:20-15:00] Lunch break

[15:00-15.40:] Gyula Pap, Hypo-matchings in directed graphs
[15:40-16:20] Morten Hegner Nielsen, Longest path-partitions in generalizations of tournaments

[16:20-16:45:] Coffee

[16:45-17:25:] Marco Chiarandini, Local search methods for the set T-colouring
[17:25-18:05:] Meike Tewes, Modelling the Last Mile
[18:05-18:45:] Jens Clausen, Industrial application of graph theory and combinatorial optimization - three case studies

[19:15-] Conference dinner

Saturday december 3:

[08:00-09:15:] Breakfast
[09:15-09:55:] Michael Stiebitz, Edge colourings of graphs
[09:55-10:35:] Tommy Jensen, Is the Hadwiger conjecture true for most graphs of independence number 2?

[10:35-11:00:] Coffee

[11:00-11:40:] András Gyárfás, A Nordhaus-Gaddum type inequality for the First-fit chromatic number
[11:40-12:20:] Riste Skrekovski, Coloring squares of planar graphs with prescribed girth
[12:20-13:00:] Carsten Thomassen, On the number of colorings of a graph

[13:00-15:00] Lunch break

[15:00-15:40:] Daniel Goncalves, Edge partition of planar graphs into two outerplanar graphs
[15:40-16:20:] Antoine Vella, Graph theory and general topology

[16:20-16:45:] Coffee

[16:45-17:25:] Stephan Thomasse, Branchwidth of graphic matroids
[17:25-18:05:] Anders Yeo, Total domination in graphs
[18:05-18:45:] Ryan Hayward, Hex and Mathematics

[19:15-] Dinner

Sunday december 4:

[07:30-08:50:] Breakfast
[08:50-09:30:] Andre Raspaud, On shortest cycle covers and circular flows
[09:30-10:10:] Stephan Brandt, Dense triangle-free graphs and four-colourable: A solution to the Erdös-Simonovits problem

[10:10-10:30:] Coffee

[10:30-11:10:] Zoltan Szigeti, Edge-connectivity augmentations of bipartite graphs
[11:10-11:50:] Jan van den Heuvel, The External Network Problem and the Source Location Problem

[11:50-14:30] Lunch followed by departure

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