DM07 (IT1): Introduction to Information Technology I

Course description

Lab times and instructors

Weekly notes

Instructions for how to connect to the printer.

Other first year courses:
  1. Mathematics.
  2. Physics.
  3. Chemistry.
  4. Biology.

Description of statististics lab.
Demonstration of linear regression.

Lab assignments:
  1. Correction for lab 1, accessing the weekly note.
  2. Help for lab 2.
  3. The following Excel document should be used for the last part of lab 3 - Excel document.
    If you cannot read the e-mail containing the data for the regression analysis, you can get it here.
    Help for lab 3.
  4. Help for lab 4. Note that in Exercise 6, the optional "problem 3 on page 21", is actually on page 20.
  5. Help for lab 5.
  6. To get the Maple functions into Excel do the following.
    Help for lab 6.
  7. There is a typo in Exercise 3: You should only run Quick Sort in this exercise, never Selection Sort.
    The help is included in the program.
  8. Lab 8 has to do with cryptography and PGP. For an introduction to cryptograp hy, you can read How PGP works. For more concrete information on how to use PGP, you can read the User's Guide.
    Help for lab 8.
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