A course description.

The textbook:

A list of chapters and sections covered in Stinson's book in 1998 and 2000.
A list of chapters and sections covered in Stinson's book and the description of Rijndael in 2001.
Stinson's homepage for the textbook, including supplementary material.

Related courses

Algorithmic number theory (.dvi file).
Zero-knowledge reading course (.dvi file).

Previous exams

June 1995.dvi
June 1996.dvi
June 1998.dvi


Three cryptograms.
Problems for February 14.
Problems for February 21 and first assignment.
Problems for February 28.
Problems for March 7.
Problems for March 14 and second assignment.
Problems for March 21.
Problems for March 28.
Problems for April 4 and third assignment.
Problems for April 18.
Problems for April 25.
Problems for May 2.
Problems for May 9 and fourth assignment.
Problems for May 23.
Problems for May 30.


Bruce Schneier's predictions regarding factoring.
Some notes on computational number theory (notes.dvi).
A note on Pollard's factoring algorithm (Pollard.dvi).
Cryptology pages on the Web.
Information about large integer packages.
Information about the Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael).
More complete information about the Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael), including the "Algorithm Specification".
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