The course will be held in the seminar room.


A course description.

The textbook:

Cryptography: Theory and Practice, Second Edition, by Stinson. There will also be notes, including the old Discrete Math notes.
There is an errata list for the second edition of the textbook, maintained by the author.
There are slides which I used in some lectures (reused from DM11).

Related courses

Algorithmic number theory (.dvi file).
Zero-knowledge reading course (.dvi file).

Previous exams

June 1995.dvi
June 1996.dvi
June 1998.dvi


Three cryptograms.
  1. Note 1 (also in PDF).
  2. Note 2 (also in PDF). This now contains the first assignment.
  3. Note 3 (also in PDF).
  4. Note 4 (also in PDF).
  5. Note 5 (also in PDF). This contains the second assignment.
  6. Note 6 (also in PDF).
  7. Note 7 (also in PDF).
  8. Note 8 (also in PDF). This contains the third assignment. Due Tuesday, April 15.
  9. Note 9 (also in PDF).
  10. Note 10 (also in PDF). Do problem 4.6, not 47.6.
  11. Note 11 (also in PDF). This contains the fourth assignment. Due Thursday, May 15.
  12. Note 12 (also in PDF).
  13. Note 13 (also in PDF).
  14. Note 14 (also in PDF).


Bruce Schneier's predictions regarding factoring.
Some notes on computational number theory (notes.dvi).
A note on Pollard's factoring algorithm (Pollard.dvi). This also contains a description of the birthday paradox.
Cryptology pages on the Web.
Information about large integer packages.
Information from NIST about the Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael), including the "Algorithm Specification".

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