A course description.
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Algorithmic number theory (.dvi file).
Zero-knowledge reading course (.dvi file).
Previous exam
June 1995.dvi
June 1996.dvi
Two cryptograms.
For February 21.
Assignment 1.
For March 6.
For March 13.
Assignment 2. There is a typo in 4.11.
For March 27, do problem 4.17.
For April 10.
Assignment 3.
For April 24.
For May 1.
Assignment 4.
For May 8. do the last 2 we didn't get to on May 1.
For May 15, design a zero-knowledge proof system for Graph Non-isomorphism. Prove that it is a zero-knowledge proof system. Also prove that the protocol I gave in class is a zero-knowledge proof of knowledge of the factorization of a number.
For May 22, do problem 11.2, and come with questions.
Bruce Schneier's predictions regarding factoring.
Some notes on computational number theory (notes.dvi).
A note on Pollard's factoring algorithm (Pollard.dvi).
Cryptology pages on the Web.
Information about large integer packages.
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