Assignment 2 is due on November 21.
A correct proof of correctness for Shank's Algorithm is on Lecture Note 12.
The funcitons parity and half that I defined in lecture on October 5 are the same as functions B1 and Bh in section 11.8.2 of the textbook.
The deadline for applications for TA positions at IMADA for the spring is November 21.

The textbook:

Cryptography Made Simple, by Nigel P. Smart, Springer, 2016. There will also be notes, including the old Discrete Math notes (the most relevant part is the algebra).
There is an errata list for the textbook, maintained by the author.
There are slides on algebra.

Exam topics

Topics for 2013.
Topics for 2016.

Reading list for exam

2016: On this list, the chapters in the textbook covered are in approximately the order we covered them in class.


Assignment 1 is due at 12:00 on October 11.
Assignment 2 is due at 23:59 on November 21.

Lecture notes:

Note 1.
Note 2.
Note 3.
Note 4.
Note 5.
Note 6.
Note 7.
Note 8.
Note 9.
Note 10.
Note 11.
Note 12.
Note 13.
Note 14.
Note 15.
Note 16.


Bruce Schneier's old predictions regarding factoring. Note that a 768-bit RSA key was factored in 2009.
Some notes on computational number theory.
The slides related to RSA come from here.
The slides related to discrete logarithms.
AES description from on NIST's homepage.

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