DM508: Algorithms and Complexity

Announcement 1: The exam questions will be the same as last year, except that the exam will be March 26 and March 27. The order students will be taken in has been posted on IMADA's bulletin board.
Announcement 2: You may pick up your assignments in my office. They are graded.
Lecture notes:
  1. Note 1 (also in PDF).
  2. Note 2 (also in PDF). (Contains the first assignment.)
  3. Note 3 (also in PDF).
  4. Note 4 (also in PDF).
  5. Note 5 (also in PDF).
  6. Note 6 (also in PDF). (Contains the second assignment.)
  7. Note 7 (also in PDF).
  8. Note 8 (also in PDF).
  9. Note 9 (also in PDF). (Contains the third assignment.)
  10. Note 10 (also in PDF).
  11. Note 11 (also in PDF).

E-mail address for "instruktor":
Slides for Cook's Theorem in PDF.

Exam questions for DM508 for March 2007: also in PDF.
Exam questions for March 2007 are the same as for March 2008 (except for the dates). See above.
Note that the slides for Cook's Theorem and a slide for the Matcher algorithm for the KMP string matching algorithm will be available at the exam.

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