DM508: Algorithms and Complexity

Announcement 1: The proof that SUBSET SUM is NP-Complete which I gave in class can be found in the first edition of your textbook. It is now on reserve in IMADA's library.
Lecture notes:
  1. Note 1 (also in PDF).
  2. Note 2 (also in PDF).
  3. Note 3 (also in PDF).
  4. Note 4 (also in PDF).
  5. Note 5 (also in PDF).
  6. Note 6 (also in PDF).
  7. Note 7 (also in PDF).
  8. Note 8 (also in PDF).

E-mail address for "instruktor":
Slides for Cook's Theorem in PDF.

Exam questions for DM508 for March 2007: also in PDF.
Exam questions for March 2008 are the same as for March 2007 (except for the dates). See above.
Exam questions for DM508 for March-April 2009: Exam questions 2009.pdf.
Note that the slides for Cook's Theorem and a slide for the Matcher algorithm for the KMP string matching algorithm will be available at the exam.
Course evaluation from spring 2009: Student course evaluation summary and response.

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