DM508: Algorithms and Complexity

Announcements: The redos of the second assignment have been graded. You can pick yours up in my office.
Lecture notes:
  1. Note 1 Contains the first assignment.
  2. Note 2.
  3. Note 3.
  4. Note 4.
  5. Note 5 Contains the second assignment.
  6. Note 6.
  7. Note 7.
  8. Note 8.
  9. Note 9 Contains the third assignment.
  10. Note 10.

Teaching assistant's ("instruktors") homepage:
Slides for Cook's Theorem in PDF.

Exam questions for DM508 for March-April 2009: Exam questions 2009.pdf.
Exam questions for June 16, 17 and 18, 2014, are the same as for March-April 2009 (except for the dates). See above.
Note that the slides for Cook's Theorem and a slide for the Matcher algorithm for the KMP string matching algorithm (from page 1005 in the textbook) will be available at the exam.
Reading list for exam for DM508: Reading list.pdf.
Fibonacci Heap animation: The Algorithmics Animation Workshop at York University in Canada has applets for various data structures and algorithms, including Fibonacci heaps, by Jason Huang Hu and Wei Wang.

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