DM551/MM851: Algorithms and Probability

  1. The first assignment has been graded. You may pick them up from me when I am in my office. Please give me the name of the person in your group whose first name comes first alphabetically.
  2. Starting in November, the first four lectures will be online using the old Zoom link. Discussion sections will still be at SDU.
  3. Classes for this course will be physically at SDU, starting October 5 and for the remainder of October. Remember to follow the SDU corona guidelines.
  4. If you do not have the 8th edition of Rosen's textbook, it is available on the McGraw-Hill webstore as an Ebook. I do not know if this is cheaper than through SDU's bookstore. There is a discount code for the eletronic edition under Course Information in Blackboard.
  5. There is a new Zoom link for lectures under Announcements in Blackboard. Use that starting September 28.

  1. Assignment 1. Due 10:15 on Thursday, October 22.
  2. Assignment 2. Due 8:00 on Friday, December 11. This must done individually, not in groups.

Textbooks and notes:
  1. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 8th edition, by K. Rosen, McGraw Hill, 2019. Same textbook as used for Discrete Methods. This textbook will be used most, and we start with it.
  2. Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd edition, by T. Cormen, C. Leiserson, R. Rivest, and C. Stein, MIT Press, 2009. Same textbook as used for Algorithms and Data Structures.
  3. Extra notes (available from Course Materials in Blackboard): This includes parts of chapter 13 from Algorithm Design, by J. Kleinberg and É. Tardos, Addison Wesley, 2005.

Lecture notes and problems for discussions sections:
  1. Note 1. This includes general information about the course. Slides for lecture 1.
  2. Note 2. Slides for lecture 2.
  3. Note 3. Slides for lecture 3. Proof examples written by Jørgen Bang-Jensen for the 2019 version of DM551.
  4. Note 4. Slides for lecture 4.
  5. Note 5. Slides for lecture 5.
  6. Note 6. Slides for lecture 6.
  7. Note 7. Slides for lecture 7.
  8. Note 8. Slides for derangements from lecture 8. Slides with most of what I covered from chapter 13 (and will cover in future lectures) in Kleinberg and Tardos can be found on Kevin Wayne's homepage at Princeton. It says that they are the official slides from the publisher Pearson, for the textbook. Pearson's slides for chapter 13.
  9. Note 9. Slide from lecture 9.
  10. Note 10. 3 Slides for lectures 10 and 11.
  11. Note 11. 2 Slides for lecture 11.
  12. Note 12.
  13. Note 13. Slides for lectures 13 and 14.
  14. Note 14. More slides for lecture 14.
  15. Note 15. 6 Slides for lectures 15 and 16.
  16. Note 16.
  17. Note 17. 3 Slides for lecture 17.
  18. Note 18. 1 Slide for lecture 18.
  19. Note 19. 4 Slides for lectures 19-20.
  20. Note 20.

Notes about proofs: Notes.
Teaching assistants (TA, "instruktor")

Exam information from 2017:
"Questions" and additional exam information (there will be some changes in 2018).
Exam information from 2018: (there will be some changes in 2020)
"Questions" and additional exam information.
"Pensum" (material students should know for the exam).
Exam information from 2019:
"Questions" and additional exam information (there will be some changes in 2020).
Exam information from 2020: (there could still be some changes, but this should be close to final)
"Questions" and additional exam information. "Pensum" (material students should know for the exam).
"Extra Zoom exam information for 2020".

Results of course evaluation:
"Midway evaluation", with my comments.

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