Introduction to Computer Science


Assignments turned into my box or an "instruktor"s box will not be accepted. It must be given to a person who will note the time it arrives (or by e-mail so it is noted electronicly). Turning in through Blackboard only is also not acceptable.
There is an announcement on Blackboard about getting receipts for assignments. It is set up to receive assignments now.

The textbook:

Computer Science: An Overview, 10th Edition, by J. Glenn Brookshear, 2009.
There is a homepage for the textbook, including the simulator.
A list of errata for the textbook can be found here.
The textbook will be supplemented with notes.


There will be no exam at the end of the course; instead there are mandatory assignments, of which all 10 must be completed well and on time in order to pass the course. You are allowed to retry (only once) on at most 3 assignments which were not approved the first time.


Tentative questions for the re-exam in June are available here.

Lecture notes

  1. Note 1 (also in PDF).
    Hint: for the last problem on the first homework assignment: You should look at (and use) the problem from the discussion section where you were asked to minimize the number of AND gates. Then consider adding two numbers, each of which has two bits.
  2. Note 2 (also in PDF). The notes and problems for the second laboratory (also in the Terminal Room) in week 37 are the LaTeX notes (under "Miscellaneous") below.
  3. Note 3 (also in PDF).
  4. Note 4 (also in PDF).
  5. Note 5 (also in PDF).
  6. Note 6 (also in PDF).
  7. Note 7 (also in PDF).
  8. Note 8 (also in PDF).
  9. Note 9 (also in PDF).
  10. Note 10 (also in PDF).
  11. Note 11 (also in PDF).
  12. Note 12 (also in PDF).
  13. Note 13 (also in PDF).

Course Evaluation from fall 2008

Student course evaluation summary and response.


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