DM534: Policy on Assignments

The "exam" in this course will consist of 6 assignments. The course will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis, and satisfactory completion of all assignments is required to pass (along with attending at least 80% of all lectures, discussion sections, and labs). ``Satisfactory completion'' means that the answers are correct, with only very minor errors, and that they have been turned in on time. Since these assignments count as the exam in the course, cheating on these assignments is viewed as cheating on an exam. You are allowed to talk about course material with your fellow students, but working together on assignments is cheating. (Note that copying something, such as an algorithm, from the textbook or course slides, with minor changes and an acknowledgement, is fine, but doing the same from another person's work, including web sites, is not.) If you have questions about the assignments, come to Joan Boyar or your ``instruktor''.

You are allowed to retry (at most once on each) on at most 2 assignments which were not approved. If your assignment is not approved the first time, consider the comments when doing your second attempt (the retry). Make sure you pick up your assignment with the comments quickly, so you find out if it was approved and can make the deadline for the retry if it was not approved. If you turn in an assignment late (regardless of the reason), it will not be approved, and you will have to use a retry on it.

Your full name and your section number (D1, D2, or D3) should be clear on the first page.

You should turn in via Blackboard. Always do the assignment in LaTeX and turn in a PDF file via Blackboard. Turn in correctly, according to your sections number (D1, D2, or D3). Retries are handled in the same manner.

Use "SDU Assignment" in Blackboard. Keep the receipt it gives you proving that you turned your assignment in on time. Blackboard will not allow you to turn in an assignment (or retry) late.

You should always read the comments that are made on your assignment by the graders. If you have to redo your assignment, correct all the errors pointed out (plus additional ones, since when answers are not close to being correct, the graders do not point out all errors). If you do not understand the comments, you can ask your "instruktor" or Joan. Note what parts you have done well (a check means that something near there was correct, but not that the entire problem was if there are other comments) and which parts you have not, so you can do better in your future assignments as a computer science student.

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