Network Security

The textbook for the course is Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards, 4th edition, by William Stallings. The URL for the associated Web page can be found just inside the front of the textook.

Weekly notes
  1. Note 1: .ps, .pdf.
  2. Note 2: .ps, .pdf.
  3. Note 3: .ps, .pdf.
  4. Note 4: .ps, .pdf.
  5. Note 5: .ps, .pdf.
  6. Note 6: .ps, .pdf.
  7. Note 7: .ps, .pdf.
  8. Note 8: .ps, .pdf.
  9. Note 9: .ps, .pdf.
  10. Note 10: .ps, .pdf.
Possible topics for projects.
Student projects assigned.
Student reports.
Exam questions for DM830 for June 2012: Exam questions.pdf.
Evaluation of course and response .

Slides for Kerberos.
CERT's list of statistics with security incidents reported, etc., over several years, though not very recent years.
Paper: "How to Think about Security"

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