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SmartReg is a system is for registering activity for PhD students, both the 840 required hours for the department and the 300 dissemination hours. Most teaching will count for both. (Note that the approval in the system is not approval by the PhD Study Board. You still need to have IMADA's chairman, Martin Svensson, send a letter to them saying that you have done your 300 dissemination hours.) The rules (which hold currently) can be found here.

The login page is:

To use the system, start by logging in with your email address and password. Change your password using the "Change password" in the menu "Various". Most operations are fairly obvious.

Note that for technical reasons, no students should be registered in the system as 4+4 students, even if they are 4+4 students.

Students register their hours: official teaching (both lecturing and TAing) during their teaching and other activities after they have been approved by Martin Svensson or IMADA's local PhD Committee (currently Joan Boyar is doing this).

Advising one first year project counts as 35 working hours and 35 knowledge dissemination hours. Therefore, you just write that you had 10 contact hours, which will give you the required working and knowledge dissemination hours.

In most cases, the number of contact hours should be taken from the course description (the number of hours listed for exercise sessions and labs, for example).

Jørgen Bang-Jensen and Kristian Debrabant will approve teaching activities, including first year projects. Joan Boyar approves knowledge dissemination which does not give credit for working hours, and Martin Svensson approves the rest.

Knowledge dissemination (which is not also working hours) will not be approved in the system until after it has been approved by the local PhD committee. Give Joan Boyar proof that you have performed these activities to get approval in SmartReg.

For working hours, do not put anything in SmartReg unless it is one of the following:

The information will be used in doing TA assignments. Any faculty member who wants to be able to see all basic information about all students, such as how many hours of work are registered, but not all details, can do so logging in as the generic member of IMADA's PhD committee. You can get this login information from Joan Boyar (but check if what you can see without that is enough).

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