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We will discuss selected topics from classic combinatorics, like: Latin Squares, Block Designs, Combinatorial Geometries, Extremal Set Theory, Ramsey Theory, etc.

Most of the material can be found in the textbook

A Course in Combinatorics

by J. H. van Lint and R. M. Wilson, Cambdridge University Press (1992).

Formalities / Sign up / Date

This is a 5-ECTS individual study activity in the field of algebra, at all levels (BSc,MSc,PhD). We will meet regularly in weeks 35 and from 37 to 41, as follows:

Week Events Content
35 (29.8.)* Tue 16-18 U49B First meeting
37 (12.9.) Tue 16-18 U49B Tilde: Chapter 3 (Colorings of graphs and Ramsey's theorem)
38 (19.9.) Tue 16-18 U49B Artavazd: Chapter 17 (Latin squares)
39 (26.9.) Tue 16-18 U49B Christian: Chapter 22 (Orthogonal Latin squares)
40 (3.10.) Tue 16-18 U49B Camilla: Chapter 18 (Hadamard matrices, Reed-Muller codes)
41 (10.10.) Tue 16-18 U49B Jesper: Chapter 35 (Pólya theory of counting)

*: The date (dd.mm.) indicates monday of the respective week.

Pizza Meeting Slides

Here are the slides of my presentation at the Pizza meeting from 5.5.2011. The last page indicates how you could proceed with your master studies if you are interested in writing a thesis in graph theory.