Bachelor Project in Compiler Construction
Spring 2019
Kim Skak Larsen

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There is always work to be done! 13/2 2019
This is a bachelor project and you are supposed to work on it continuously. Accordingly, there is always (at least) one active project part with a deadline on the project page.
First Meeting. 29/1 2019
The first meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 1, 12:15 (DIAS Conference Room).
Group formation. 7/12 2018
Students are still contacting me by email to sign up for this activity; we'll be more than 20 participants. Of course, you already have to be registered for a 15 ECTS bachelor project (BADM501) via the course sign-up system, but the choice as to which bachelor project you engage in can be made later. The deadline for choosing my activity is December 14; see under "Signing-Up". Immediately following the deadline, I will start helping students to form groups.
Pizza Meeting Presentation. 19/11 2018
Are you considering this bachelor project? Though it's not designed for stand-alone viewing, maybe you can get something out of the presentation from the pizza meeting. If you have questions, feel free to drop by my office - I'm usually here from before 7:30.
The study reform, the compiler course, and the new default bachelor project. 17/10 2018
I've been met with concerned questions from several students who have heard that the default bachelor project in compiler construction will be discontinued due to the latest study reform. It's true that there will be changes from Spring 2020, and we will announce them as soon as we know what they will be. However, for Spring 2019, there are no changes. The compiler course and the bachelor project activity in compiler construction will run as usual. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to drop by my office.


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