Turning in Electronically

First of all, remember that you also have to turn in on paper.

The exam project description lists exactly what you should turn in. Check carefully that you have collected all this material before proceeding.

Avoid Danish (and other non-ascii) letters (such as æ, ø, and å) in your directory and file names (Blackboard does not handle this well). To be safe, also avoid whitespace and special characters not normally occurring in file names.

You may upload your files individually or collect your files into one (archive) file before uploading. If you choose to do the latter, copy your files to a new directory and remove dot files and directories, such as ".git", ".gitignore", etc. if you use version control, and auto-generated hidden directories if you use a Mac (".DS_Store" and many other files). To collect the files into one, you must use either tar (optionally also gzip'ed) or zip.

You turn in via Blackboard:

  1. Log in and choose the activity "Bachelor Project in Compiler Construction".
  2. Click "SDU Assignment" in the menu to the left.
  3. Fill in the form and submit.
  4. Print and save your receipt (you may also get one by e-mail).
We prefer that only one member from each group turns in the project part.