The Result of the Compiler Construction Competition

The compilers were tested on a large collection of programs.

Correctness as well as speed of Knapsack.die for the different groups can be seen below. Note that marks in the tables do not necessarily indicate an error situation, since we have also used these tests to see which run-time errors the groups have decided to catch, and to get a feel for decisions regarding evaluation orders etc.

Thus, some of the markings indicate indisputable errors whereas others more have the character of decisions reflecting matters of opinion. So, some markings have not been counted as errors, and among the ones which have been counted as errors, some are more serious than others.

Also note that features other than correctness and speed have been taken into account as well.

The winners

The lecturer and teaching assistant of the course have together evaluated the compilers and we have agreed to announce the following group as winner of the competition:

Group 4:
Lars Thomasen
Dan Sebastian Thrane

The decision was based on an essentially correct implementation, many advanced features, and quite fast code on the announced speed test.

Pictures from the "ceremony"

The winners.

The lecturer congratulates the winners.

Close-up of the winner T-shirt.

The winners are now in the Hall of Fame.

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