Please note that the course can be taken in several versions.

The oral part of the exam will take place on June 27, 2007 in IMADA's seminar room.

The following is the normal procedure for the exam:

First, the student draws a question from the list of exam questions. The examination starts immediately after, i.e., there is no preparation time. The student may give a presentation of a duration of approximately 10 minutes. After this, questions will asked in relation to the question which was drawn as well as the rest of the curriculum. The student may bring a list of about 10 keywords in order to remember which topics to cover.

For students who have completed the entire project, there will also be a brief examination of the project part. This will be in the form of questions to the report and code which has been turned in, i.e., the student does not give any presentation in relation to this part of the examination.

The total examination time will be approximately 30 minutes.

During the exam, a few transparencies from the book will be available: Grammar 3.1, Table 3.19, Grammar 3.26, Figure 3.27, Table 3.28, Graph 10.1, Figure 10.2. Students are not allowed to bring their own transparencies.

Several days before the first exam date, students must sign up for a place in the exam sequence for a particular exam date. The lists will be made available in the IMADA secretaries' office.

It is not possible to calculate the exact examination time from the placement in the sequence, since students earlier on the list may not show up. Thus, students are expected to show up plenty early. In principle, all students who are taking the exam on a particular date are supposed to show up when the examination starts, i.e., at the time the first student is scheduled. This is partly because of the way external examiners are paid, which is by the number of students who show up for examination. For this particular exam, we do not expect many no-shows, so showing up 1-2 hours before the estimated time of the exam is reasonably safe.

Questions of general interest in connection with the exam will be answered via the course home page.

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