News Connections For Students

The group advises students at all levels. Below is a quantitative overview of our advising, followed by a list of Ph.D. graduates. Only students advised at and graduated from the University of Southern Denmark are included and we do not include students advised only by affiliated or emeriti members of the group.

Quantitative Overview

Ph.D. graduates advised by the group

  1. Tilde My Christiansen, December 2018: Algorithmic and Structural Problems in Digraphs.
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen.

  2. Rojin Kianian, August 2018: Algorithmic Methods for Synthesis Planning and Mass Spectrometry.
    Advisors: Daniel Merkle, Peter F. Stadler, Rolf Fagerberg.

  3. Anders Nicolai Knudsen, June 2018: Flight Route Optimization.
    Advisors: Marco Chiarandini, Kim S. Larsen.

  4. Jesper With Mikkelsen, March 2017: Online Decision-Making with Advice: Complexity and Algorithms
    Advisors: Lene M. Favrholdt, Joan Boyar

  5. Christian Kudahl, March 2017: On the Nature of Online Computation
    Advisors: Joan Boyar, Lene M. Favrholdt

  6. Magnus Find, April 2015: Linearity and Nonlinearity: Complexity and Measures
    Advisor: Joan Boyar

  7. Marie Gabriele Christ, February 2014: Multi-Coloring and Bin Covering - performance measures and models.
    Advisors: Kim S. Larsen, Lene M. Favrholdt

  8. Gabriele Muciaccia, 2014: Polynomial Kernels for Graph and Hypergraph Optimisation Problems
    Advisors: Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo

  9. Abyayananda Maiti, November 2013: Analysis of Online Searching and Streaming Problems via a Diverse Collection of Performance Measures.
    Advisors: Kim S. Larsen, Joan Boyar

  10. Sushmita Gupta, November 2013: New Perspectives on Paging and Server Problems.
    Advisors: Joan Boyar, Kim S. Larsen

  11. Alessandro Maddaloni, November 2013: Algorithmic Properties of (Structured) Digraphs with Special Emphasis on Connectivity, Paths and Cycles
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  12. Sven Simonsen, November 2013: Complexity Analysis of Problems Involving Paths, Trees and Cycles in Digraphs
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  13. Robert Crowston, 2013: Algorithms for Parameterized Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Advisors: Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo

  14. Mark Jones, 2013: Above and Below Guarantee Parameterizations for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems
    Advisors: Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo

  15. Niels Kjeldsen, September 2012: Long Term Planning in the Energy Sector
    Advisors: Marco Chiarandini, Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  16. Rune Larsen, June 2012: Optimization Methods for Real-Life Scheduling Problems
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  17. Thomas Sejr Jensen, April 2012: Applications of Metaheuristics to Real-Life Scheduling Problems
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  18. Martin Rud Ehmsen, May 2010: Towards Better Online Algorithms.
    Advisor: Kim S. Larsen

  19. Anders Sune Pedersen, 2010: Graph Colouring with Applications
    Advisors: Bjarne Toft, Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  20. Arezou Soleimanfallah, 2009: Fixed-Parameter Tractable Algorithms in Graph Theory
    Advisor: Anders Yeo

  21. Uffe Flarup, August 2008: Optimization and Evaluation Problems over the Real Numbers
    Advisors: Klaus Meer, Joan Boyar

  22. Bárður Árantsson, January 2007: The Grid Block Device - simple and flexible fault tolerant distributed storage.
    Advisors: Brian Vinter, Kim S. Larsen

  23. Morten Hegner Nielsen, 2006: Path-Cycle Sub(di)graphs in Well-Structured Graphs and Digraphs
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  24. Sanne Wøhlk, November 2005: Contributions to Arc Routing
    Advisors: Niels Christian Petersen, Joan Boyar

  25. Jens Svalgaard Kohrt, November 2004: Online Algorithms under New Assumptions.
    Advisor: Kim S. Larsen

  26. Lene Monrad Favrholdt, July 2002: On-Line Problems with Restricted Input
    Advisor: Joan Boyar

  27. Morten Nyhave Nielsen, June 2002: On Measuring the Quality of On-Line Algorithms.
    Advisors: Kim S. Larsen, Joan Boyar

  28. Lars Jacobsen, November 2001: Search Trees with Local Rules.
    Advisor: Kim S. Larsen

  29. Peter Høyer, May 2000: Quantum Algorithms
    Advisors: Joan Boyar, Gilles Brassard.

  30. Anders Yeo, 1998: Semicomplete Multipartite Digraphs
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  31. Rolf Fagerberg, December 1996: Search Trees and Priority Queues: Closing some Gaps
    Advisor: Joan Boyar

  32. Tommy Jensen, 1996: Structure of Critical Graphs
    Advisors: Bjarne Toft, Jørgen Bang-Jensen