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Ian Munro visits. 2/11 2018
Invited by Joan Boyar and Kim S. Larsen, Professor Ian Munro from the University of Waterloo, Canada, visited the group. Munro is a highly esteemed computer scientist, famous for his work on data structures in particular. During his stay, he gave the talk Fast Stable Sorting, Adapting to Existing Runs on the newest developments on the sorting problem.
Joan Boyar gives distinguished lecture in Manitoba. 18/10 2018
In front of an audience of mathematicians and computer scientist in the Robert Schultz Lecture Theatre at the University of Manitoba, Joan Boyar gave a Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Distinguished Lecture with the title Multiplicative Complexity of Cryptographic Functions.

Two days earlier, she gave a colloquium talk in the Department of Computer Science on Complexity Classes for Online Algorithms via Advice Complexity.

Jørgen Bang-Jensen gives a 30 minute video presentation for high school students. 6/9 2018
Jørgen Bang-Jensen participates in a film project comprising ten 30 minute videos, where expert mathematicians present their research topics in a way that can be understood by final-year high school students. The aim of the videos and the accompanying material is to encourage more young people to study mathematically-oriented topics.
Socializing in Storms Pakhus 4/9 2018
The Algorithms Group also likes meeting under less formal circumstances - here we are enjoying street food at Storms Pakhus.
Thomas Bellitto starts as postdoc. 1/9 2018
Thomas Bellitto is hired as a postdoc in the Graph Theory Group from September 1, 2018 through February 29, 2020. Thomas obtained his Ph.D. degree from LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux in August 2018. Thomas will work with the group on problems related to packing, covering, and partitioning in (di)graphs.
Organizing GT2018. 1/9 2018
Jørgen Bang-Jensen and Bjarne Toft organized the graph theory conference GT2018 at the picturesque location of Hotel Storebælt in Nyborg. There were 43 participants who came from as far away as South Africa, New Zealand, and Japan, enjoying the 32 presentations.
Speaking and chairing at WAOA in Helsinki. 24/8 2018
Joan Boyar and Kim S. Larsen attended WAOA - Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms at Aalto University School of Business. The workshop was a satellite workshop of ALGO. Joan gave a talk on joint work with Kim, Allan Borodin (University of Toronto), and Denis Pankratov (Concordia University) with the title Advice Complexity of Priority Algorithms. Kim contributed as session chair at the conference.
Collaboration with Energinet. 14/8 2018
Anders Yeo, Marco Chiarandini, and student Steffan Leth Jensen visited Energinet in Fredericia where they gave the presentation Towards resilient networks: Detecting maximum imbalance after k links breakdown in the European electrical grid. This was the culmination of an individual study activity by Steffan, where he worked with Energinet on one of their practical problems.

This project will develop further into a master's project involving collaboration with Energinet.

Attending and speaking at MOLI in Prague. 9/7 2018
Joan Boyar, Lene Favrholdt, and Kim S. Larsen attended MOLI - Modern Online Algorithms in the picturesque old Charles University in Prague. The workshop was a satellite workshop of ICALP. Joan gave a talk on joint work with Kim and Faith Ellen (University of Toronto) with the title The Scheduler is Very Powerful in Competitive Analysis of Distributed List Accessing and Lene gave the talk Upper and Lower Bound Techniques for Advice Complexity based on joint work with Joan and Kim, as well as former students Christian Kudahl and Jesper W. Mikkelsen. Several talks at the workshop cited results by our online algorithms group.
New book from Jørgen Bang-Jensen and Gregory Gutin. 30/6 2018
Jørgen Bang-Jensen and Gregory Gutin publish their third book on Classes of Directed Graphs (Springer, London). The book is an edited volume which, in addition to the four chapters authored by Bang-Jensen and Gutin, contains contributions from leading experts around the world.
Attending and chairing at SWAT in Malmö. 20/6 2018
Joan Boyar, Rolf Fagerberg, and Kim S. Larsen participated in SWAT - the Scandinavian Symposium and Workshops on Algorithm Theory in Malmö, June 18-20. Though this biannual conference is traditionally held in Scandinavia, it always presents a strong, international program. The conference is held in even-numbered years, whereas its sister conference, WADS is held in North America in odd-numbered year.

Joan and Kim were session chairs at the conference and Joan was on the program committee.

Groups members attend and talk at ARCO in Malmö. 6/4 2018
Joan Boyar, Rolf Fagerberg, Lene Favrholdt, David Hammer, and Daniel Merkle attended ARCO - the Algorithmic Research Cooperation around Oresund. Daniel talked about Graph Canonicalization Algorithms and their Application in Cheminformatics and David about Multi-way search trees of low height.
New Corp of External Examiners. 1/4 2018
According to the ministerial order, a new corp of external examiners ("censor", in Danish) must be established every 4 years. After an application and screening process in cooperation with all Danish universities, the head of the national corp of external examiners, Kim S. Larsen announced the new corp today. In an international setting, using external examiners is quite unusual, but Kim thinks this adds to the quality of Danish university educations. In addition to preventing errors, it gives researchers a chance to exchange ideas and developments related to teaching across institutions, improving on topic selection in courses, and increasing the quality of teaching in general.
IT Camp for Girls 27/3 2018
The last two days, 32 high school girls from all over Denmark spent the first two days of their Easter holidays learning about the two educations Computer Science and Software Engineering at SDU. The camp was organized in cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science, in an effort to attract more women. Rolf Fagerberg was a driving force in the planning of the camp, and Lene Favrholdt held a workshop on Algorithms and Big Data. It was a great pleasure working with more than 30 enthusiastic girls, and the plan is to hold a similar camp again next year.