IMADA CS Lunch Algorithm

Suspended - we now eat in the coffee room all the time.

/* Nearest open cafeteria is "Kantine 2" most of the year; */
/* during exam and vacation periods, it changes to "Kantine 4" */
place ← {
  Monday: "coffee room",
  Tuesday: "nearest open cafeteria",
  Wednesday: "coffee room",
  Thursday: "coffee room",
  Friday: "nearest open cafeteria"
time ← 11:30 /* Default time; Friday default is 11:45 */
if we had morning bread or it's Friday then
  time ← 11:45
at time go to place[day]
/* if the place is the coffee room, then it's time to go and buy food, and we meet 10-15 minutes later */

Traditionally, we deviate from this algorithm when we have guests (speakers or external examiners) that many of us know or are interested in talking to, and eat when it fits the guest's schedule. In those cases, I'll send one e-mail informing you that the algorithm has been suspended that day, and another one when it's time to go.

The implementation of "we had morning bread" is only semi-automatic. Thus, I have to do something (other than just eat bread) to actively postpone lunch. I suggest that if I forget, we just do whatever the e-mail says.