The exam will take place on April 5-6 in IMADA's seminar room.

The sequence of examinations is:

Thursday, April 5, starting 8:00

  1. Rikke Josefine Schouw Steinvig
  2. Simon Lehmann Knudsen
  3. Daniel Müller Jørgensen
  4. Morten Kristian Jæger
  5. Troels Blicher Petersen
  6. Tommy Olsen
  7. Rasmus Bo Adeltoft
  8. Jonas Bamse Andersen
  9. Mathias Holst Gundersen
  10. Sonni Hedelund Jensen
  11. Mikkel Pilegaard
  12. Nan Chen
  13. Andreas Toftegaard
  14. Nicolaj Bjørn Øbro
  15. Martin Kolding Hansen
  16. Morten Kohl Lund
  17. Jonatan Cohrt
  18. Kasper Bergen Helleskov Petersen
  19. Christian Bjørn Moeslund
  20. Shiron Andru Narenthirarajah
  21. Jacob Haubjerg Madsen
  22. Damian Daniel Jørgensen

Friday, April 6, starting 8:00

  1. Andreas Staurby Olesen
  2. Janosa Vijayathurai
  3. Henrik Sejer Pedersen
  4. Joel Emanuel Händig
  5. Steffen Berg Klenow
  6. Lea Fog-Fredsgaard
  7. Michelle Dung Hoang
  8. Lasse René Pedersen
  9. Kristoffer Abell
  10. Mark Wolff Jervelund
  11. Thomas Jørgensen
  12. Emil Christian Bløcher
  13. Daniel Patrick Krage Kielstrup
  14. Amar Djebbara
  15. Osman Toplica
  16. Danny Rene Jensen
  17. Torvald Johnson
  18. Thor Erik Sørensen
  19. Simon Benthin Munch
  20. Hans Kristian Anders Møller
  21. Kasper Mortensen
  22. Bihito Moses Musafiri

It is not possible to calculate the exact examination time from the placement in the sequence, since students earlier on the list may not show up. Thus, students are expected to show up plenty early. In principle, all students who are taking the exam on a particular date are supposed to show up when the examination starts, i.e., at the time the first student is scheduled. This is partly because of the way external examiners are paid, which is by the number of students who show up for examination. Slots late in the day could shift to earlier calculated times by hours. Thus, show up early. Of course, you never have to show up before the starting time of the exam on a given day.

The following is the normal procedure for the exam:

First, the student draws a question from the list of exam questions. The examination starts immediately after, i.e., there is no preparation time. The student may give a presentation of a duration of approximately 10-15 minutes. After this, questions will asked in relation to the question which was drawn as well as the rest of the curriculum. The student may bring a list of about 10 keywords in order to remember which topics to cover. The exam form is discussion-oriented using the blackboard. Students are not allowed to bring their own transparencies, computer presentations, or similar. The total examination time will usually be approximately 25 minutes. See the curriculum for details regarding what may come up at the exam.

Questions of general interest in connection with the exam will be answered via the course home page.