Exam Questions

  1. Top-down parsing: LL(1)
  2. Bottom-up parsing: LR(1)
  3. Symbol tables and type checking
  4. Code generation
  5. Liveness analysis and register allocation
  6. Optimization
  7. Garbage collection

Curriculum (pensum)

The overall guideline is that you are expected to know what we have covered in lectures and exercises, and my focus in the examination will be on those topics.

Though it will not be a something that you will be examined in directly, you are of course expected to know topics from courses that are prerequisites for this course. This includes topics such as regular expressions, finite automata, assembler programming, hash tables, etc.

Curriculum material from the course textbook (Section 0 refers to the first part of each chapter before Section 1):

Additional curriculum material (see the literature page), most importantly: Textbook exemptions: