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[Portrait] Christian Kudahl
Lecturer and Outreach Coordinator

Address information

Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M
+45 6550 8604
Physical Location
You can often find me in my Office.
Current Teaching
I am currently teaching DM505 and SI2-PDB-U1.
Previous Teaching
DM842 Computer Game Programming with Rolf Fagerberg in Fall 2017.

My main research interests are online algorithms with and without advice. I am also interested in game theory and complexity theory.

For a list of my publications, see DBLP.
Bachelor, Master's and PhD Thesis

Here you can find my Bachelor Thesis. It is about using different measures to analyse two algorithms for the 3-server problem. It is in danish.

Here you can find my Master Thesis. The main contribution is complexity theoretic results for On-line graph coloring and On-line independent set.

Here you can find my PhD Thesis. It is a collection of the papers I've contributed to during my PhD. The main contribution is the study of the class AOC from an advice perspective.

For more information see my CV.


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