Honor Code

By registering to a course, you agree to:

  • complete all assessments, problems, homework and assignments with your own work (unless collaboration is expressly permitted);
  • acknowledge any and all external sources used in your work;
  • refrain from any activity that would dishonestly or fraudulently improve your results or disadvantage others in the course;
  • refrain from disclosing answers to assessments, problems, assignments and homework to others;
  • maintain only one user account and not let anyone else use your username and/or password; and not access or attempt to access any other user's account, or misrepresent or attempt to misrepresent your identity while using the BlackBoard system or the web paghe by teacher.

This Honor Code is not intended to prohibit discussion of course material. While students must submit work that is their own, students should feel free to discuss lectures or other course material with others either in-person or online.

Digital Exams

It is not allowed to communicate in real time – elctronically or physically – with any other person, e.g., collegaues in the exam room or remote online users. If a student is caught in comunication with others, it amounts to cheating and the general rules on this matter will apply. Other behaviours that will be considered cheating (e.g., plagiarism) are listed on the page of the exam regulations of SDU (i.e., Exam Cheating (EN) Exam Cheating (DK) ). Procedures to discover cheating may be applied without further notice during and after the exam.

Author: Marco Chiarandini

Created: 2016-11-29 Tue 13:18