C++ Implementations of the RLF heuristic for Graph Coloring



RLF heuristic:
  • rlf: a simple C++ porting of the PL-1 implementation of RLF given in the original paper.
  • rlfPlus: a C++ implementation of RLF that uses array-based list to store the adjacent lists of the graph.
  • rlfLazy: a C++ implementation of the Lazy RLF algorithm proposed in our paper.
  • generator: generate random uniform graph in the binary graph coloring DIMACS format
  • converter: convert binary file format in tex file format


M. Chiarandini, G. Galbiati, S. Gualandi (2011).
Efficiency issues in the RLF heuristic for graph coloring.
In L. D. Gaspero, A. Schaerf, T. Stützle (Eds.), Proceedings of the 9th Metaheuristics International Conference, MIC 2011, pp. 461-469, Università di Udine, Udine, Italy. [ bib | .pdf ]

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