Niels H. Kjeldsen

M.Sc., Industrial Ph.D. Student

Contact information

University address

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M

Company address

DONG Energy
Kraftværksvej 53
7000 Fredericia


phone: +45 6550 3849
cellphone: +45 9955 9667


  • Combinatorial optimization, especially within the energy sector.
  • Exact methods for combinatorial optimization. Linear programming, Integer programming.
  • Heuristics methods for combinatorial optimization.


Teaching assistant
Fall 2009:
  • MM518/MM818 - Numerical Analysis A
    • Java package for solving linear equations:
Spring 2010:
  • DM515 - Introduction to Linear and Integer Programming (lab classes)


N. H. Kjeldsen, M. Chiarandini (2011).
Heuristic solutions to the long-term unit commitment problem with cogeneration plants. Computers & Operations Research. In press.
doi: 10.1016/j.cor.2011.03.018
N. H. Kjeldsen, R. Larsen, S. E. Godskesen, T. S. Jensen (2010)
ROADEF/EURO Challenge 2010 - Skedulering af atomkraft i energisektoren.
ORbit , Nr. 17, 09.2010, s. 20-23.

Under review

S. Godskesen, T. S. Jensen, N. Kjeldsen, R. Larsen (2011)
Solving a real-life large-scale energy management problem. Journal of Scheduling

Master thesis

N. Kjeldsen (2009)
Long Term Unit Commitment with Heating Constraints
Electronic version (pdf): Kjeldsen.pdf


July 2010 (abstract)
Constraint programming and local search for a large-scale energy management problem with varied constraints, Euro XXIV Lisbon
July 2009 (abstract)
Long term unit commitment with heating and biomass constraints, Euro XXIII Bonn

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