Week 07


Please make sure to read Chapters 5.2 and 6.1-6.2 of the course book before the discussion section on Tuesday!

Exercise Tuesday (07.02.2012)

Exercises 2.4.[1,5,7,8], Exercises 5.1.[1,5], Exercises 5.2.[2,3], Exercises 6.1.[3,5], Exercises 6.2.[2,4,5]

Lecture Wednesday (08.02.2012)

The third lecture will repeat basic SQL queries and then continue on subqueries. The syntax for natural and for theta joins will be introduced. Then we take a look at extensions to relational algebra and their SQL counterparts, most notably sorting, aggregation, and grouping. We finish by introducing the SQL commands for insertion, deletion, and updating of table rows.


SQL as a query language, extended relational algebra, SQL as a data modification language


Chapter 5.2, Chapters 6.1-6.5

Exercise Thursday (09.02.2012)

Exercises 6.3.[1,3,4,7,8,11], Exercises 6.4.[2,3,6,9], Exercise 6.5.1

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