My areas of research include combinatorics, graph algorithms, RNA Computational Biology and most recently extreme value statistics and applications.

In 2005, I accepted an offer from William Y.C.Chen and started my scientific career in the Center for Combinatorics (CFC), Nankai University, China. After two year supervision of William, I acquired a thorough background and broad vision in mathematics as well as strong interests in discrete mathematics and computer science. In 2007, I decided to choose Mathematical Biology as my PhD research field and Christian M. Reidys as my Ph.D. thesis supervisor. During my PhD study, I had obtained valuable interdisciplinary experience in research areas such as topological graphs, random graph theory, RNA research and sequential dynamic systems.

In 2010, I was recruited as a post-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany. In which, I expanded my research interests with a new research objective on combinatorial landscapes, in particular, RNA folding landscapes. This is a challenging field since it has been proven in most cases, the related problems are NP-complete. My scientific background in discrete mathematics and probability theory as well as computational skills provide myself advantage for being successful in this field. I always enjoy solving problems through interdisciplinary methods.

In October 2013, I accepted the offer as assistant professor from Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences (IMADA) in University of Southern Denmark. Since 2017, I have been working in IMADA as an associate professor. Until the end of the Spring semester of 2020, I have supervised multiple bachalor and master projects. Currently I am supervising 1 PhD student.

During 2015-2016, I had been working in University of Vienna as PI for my FWF (Austrian Scientific fund) project “Folding landscape analysis for RNA molecules” (M1619-N28). So far, we had already two publications in Bioinformatics and another one going to be submitted soon.

Since 2015, I have been working together with Yuri Goegebeur and Armelle Guillou on the subject of theoretical extreme value statistcs. After struggling many years the difference between theory and practice, it is certainly enjoyable to have mathematics PRECISEly done again. We jointly supervise a PhD student (Le N.K. Ho) since 2019. Currently, Yuri, Le and I work together as a research group in section Data science and statistics in IMADA.

I serve as a board memeber of Journal of Royal Society Interface since 2018 and review editor of Frontier in molecular biosciences since 2016.