DM22 Programming Languages

Spring 2007
Rolf Fagerberg

Course starts Monday, February 5.


Changes since February 1:

  • Point Examination has been updated with actual exam set, solutions to programming parts, and grade statistics.
  • Point Examination has been updated with info on exam, and the full list of previous exam sets (including solutions to most).
  • Weekly Note 15 has appeared, with info on exact exam curriculum and spørgetime.
  • Weekly Note 14 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 13 has appeared.
  • Project 2 handed out. Appears under the new point Examination.
  • Weekly Note 12 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 11 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 10 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 9 has appeared.
  • Link to The Computer Language Shootout added under point Additional Material.
  • Weekly Note 8 has appeared.
  • Point Additional Material expanded with link to page on dealing with space consumption in Haskell programs.
  • Weekly Note 7 has appeared, including the first project.
  • Point Textbook updated with book by Thompson (used for handouts).
  • Weekly Note 6 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 5 has appeared.
  • Time and place has been changed for the exercise classes. See under point Time and Place.
  • Weekly Note 4 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 3 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 2 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 1 has been updated (one exercise corrected, file with code examples added).
  • Weekly Note 1 has appeared.
  • Point Additional Material added above.
  • Point Weekly Notes added above.

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