DM26 Database Systems

Also course Databaser for HA-dat students

Fall 2006
Rolf Fagerberg

The course starts Friday, September 8. There will be no exercises Monday, September 11.


Changes since September 1:

  • Weekly Note 16 (the last) has appeared.
  • Exact curriculum for the exam is now available under point Examination.
  • Weekly Note 15 and point Examination above has been updated with info on spørgetime and exam.
  • Weekly Note 15 has appeared.
  • Exam questions now avaliable under point Examination above.
  • Weekly Note 14 has appeared.
  • List for signing up for specific slots at the oral exam now available at the departmental office.
  • Weekly Note 13 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 12 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 11 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 10 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 9 has been updated.
  • Weekly Note 9 has appeared.
  • Exam date added under Point Examination.
  • Weekly Note 8 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 7 has appeared.
  • The project has appeared (see point Examination above).
  • Information for HA-Dat Students has been expanded with more details on project and length of course.
  • Weekly Note 6 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 5 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 4 has appeared.
  • Information for HA-Dat Students has been expanded with info on alternative DBMS and programming language.
  • Weekly Note 3 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 2 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 1 has appeared.

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