The examination is a 30 minutes oral exam (no preparation time), with an external co-examiner ("censor"). Grades are given according to the 13-point scale.

The exam dates will be June 14 and 15, and the rooms for each day will be U2 and IMADA's seminar room (opposite U49A), respectively.

Questions (pdf) and exact curriculum (pdf) for the exam are now available.

There will be a "spørgetime" (session allowing you to ask questions to the lecturer on the curriculum and the exam) on June 9 at 10:15 in room U43.

There is a project which must be approved in order to take the exam.

The project is handed in in three stages. The deadlines for the stages are is April 26, May 8, and May 24.

If you previously had a project approved in DM26, you do not need to do one in DM505.

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