DM509 Programming Languages

Fall 2006
Rolf Fagerberg

The course starts Monday, November 6, 10-12 in U14.


Changes since November 6:

  • Grades from exam now available under point Examination.
  • Exact exam curriculum now available under point Examination.
  • Weekly Note 7 has appeared, including info on exercise hours/spørgetime in January.
  • Weekly Note 6 has been updated with exercises and room for the last exercise class, and details on the reading for the last lecture.
  • Weekly Note 6 has appeared (contains second project).
  • Point Additional Materials has been updated with online Prolog tutorials.
  • Weekly Note 5 has been updated with info on last lectures and exercise classes (in particular, note that there will be exercise classes Friday, December 22).
  • Weekly Note 5 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 4 updated with info on Thursday lectures.
  • Weekly Note 4 has appeared.
  • Project has been updated to full version on Weekly Note 3.
  • Weekly Note 3 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 2 has appeared.
  • Weekly Note 1 has appeared.
  • Point Time and Place added above.

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