3D Graphics Programming ISA

Fall 2019

Rolf Fagerberg

Time and Place

The course is run as an individual study activity (ISA) during the fall of 2019. In essence, it is a reading course paced via regular short meetings with me (say, every second week). At these meetings, I briefly introduce new material and take questions on the material read since the last meeting. Time and place will be agreed on from meeting to meeting.


As textbook, we will use the following:

Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with Java (2nd Edition)
By John L. Clevenger and V. Scott Gordon
Published by Mercury Learning, 2019
ISBN 978-1683922193

The book has a website with among other things a list of errata.


The exam is oral and takes place Wednesday, January 29, 2020. At the oral exam, you will draw an exam topic delineating a part of curriculum which you are to present in the first part of the examination. More details of the exam form are described below the list of exam topics.

There will be a spørgetime (session for asking questions on the exam and the curriculum) Wednesday, January 27, at 14:15 in a room to be announced.

Useful Links


Date Time Room Contents Reading
Wednesday, Sep 18 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Introduction to course (slides). The graphics rendering pipeline (slides). Intro to OpenGL/JOGL (slides). Some possible programming exercises. The slides. Chapter 1 and 2 in the textbook (2.1.3 and 2.1.4 may be skipped).
Wednesday, Sep 25 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Transformations (slides). Some possible programming exercises. The slides. Chapter 3 in the textbook. Also read chapter 4 in the textbook to advance further wrt. programming skills (some parts may be skimmed).
Wednesday, Oct 9 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Change of coordinate system (notes). The general rotation matrix (notes). The notes
Wednesday, Oct 23 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Barycentric coordinates (notes). Shading (slides). The notes. Sec 7.1-7.5 in the textbook.
Wednesday, Nov 06 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Textures (slides). The slides page 1-31. Chapter 5 in the textbook.
Wednesday, Nov 13 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Perspectively correct interpolation (notes). The notes.
Wednesday, Nov 20 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Perspective projection, the full version (typed version, handwritten version with a few extra details). The notes.
Wednesday, Dec 4 14-15 IMADA Methods Lab Shadows. Skyboxes. Use of textures for environment mapping, bump mapping, normal, and height mapping. Chapters 8, 9, and 10 in the textbook. Texture slides page 32-35.
Wednesday, Dec 18 14-16 IMADA Methods Lab Quaternions (notes on using quaternions for interpolation, overview of methods for representating rotations). Sections 6.3.1 and 6.3.2 (up to page 264) in Sumanta Guha: Computer Graphics Trough OpenGL, 1st edition, CRC Press (handout). The notes.