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da Silva, R., F. Colchero, P.P. van Dijk, J. Staerk, C.R. Shepherd, L. Jouvet, J. Janssen, D.A. Conde

The international commercial trade of live turtles and tortoises: exploring export patterns in captive-bred and wild-caught individuals.

(In progress)

Submitted and under review


Staerk, J., F. Colchero, M.A. Kenney, K.A. Wilson, W.B. Foden, J.A. Carr, Z. Pereboom, L. Blandt, N. Flesness, T. Martin, L. Maiorano, J.E. Fa, H.P. Possingham, D.A. Conde

A decision framework to integrate in-situ and ex-situ management for species in the European Union.


Baden, H.M., F. Colchero, R. Cubey, J.P. Dahlgren

Ageing varies greatly within a single genus: evidence from Rhododendrons in botanic gardens.


Giraudeau, M., Vincze, T. Sepp, C. Baines, J.-M. Lemaître, A. Lerebours, K. Lemberger, S. Gentes, A. Body, A. Dujon, G. Bramwell, V. Harris, B. Ujvari, C. Panabieres, S. Lair, D. Sayag, D.A. Conde, F. Colchero, T. Harrisson, S. Pavard, A. Urrutia, B. Padilla Morales, D. Chevallier, R. Hamede, B. Roche, A. Aktipis, T. Malkocs, C. Maley, J. Degregori, G. Le Loch, F. Thomas

Methods to study wildlife cancer.

Methods in Ecology and Evolution (Under review)

Published or forthcoming


da Silva, R., D.A. Conde, A. Baudisch, F. Colchero

Slow and negligible senescence among testudines challenge evolutionary theories of senescence.

Science (Accepted)

Vincze, O., F. Colchero, J.-F. Lemaître, D.A. Conde, S. Pavard, M. Bieuville, J.A. Teare, A.O. Urrutia, B. Ujvari, F. Thomas, M. Giraudeau

Cancer risk across mammals.

Nature 601(7892):263-267 (2022)

Featured: Anna Dart. Peto's paradox put to the test. Nature Reviews Cancer. Research Highlights (2022)


Colchero, F., J.M. Aburto, E.A. Archie, C. Boesch, T. Breuer, F.A. Campos, A. Collins, D.A. Conde, M. Cords, C. Crockford, M.E. Thompson, L.M. Fedigan, C. Fichtel, M. Groenenberg, C. Hobaiter, P.M. Kappeler, R.R. Lawler, R.J. Lewis, Z.P. Machanda, M.L. Manguette, M.N. Muller, Craig Packer, R.J. Parnell, S. Perry, A.E. Pusey, M.M. Robbins, R.M. Seyfarth, J.B. Silk, J. Staerk, T.S. Stoinski, E.J. Stokes, K.B. Strier, S.C. Strum, J. Tung, F. Villavicencio, R.M. Wittig, R.W. Wrangham, K. Züberbuhler, J.W. Vaupel, S.C. Alberts

The long lives of primates and the "invariant rate of aging" hypothesis.

Nature Communications 12:3666 (2021)

Featured: Symonds M: Faculty Opinions Recommendation of [Colchero F et al., Nat Commun 2021 12(1):3666]. In Faculty Opinions, 06 Jul 2021; 10.3410/f.740297994.793586506

Outreach: EureKalert!, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Neurosicence News, Science Daily, SDU, Duke University, University of Oxford, The Late Show

Colchero, F., W. Eckardt, T. Stoinski

Evidence of demographic buffering in an endangered great ape: social buffering on immature survival and the role of refined sex-age-classes on population fitness.

Journal of Animal Ecology 90(7):1701-1713 (2021)

Morrison, R.E., W. Eckardt, F. Colchero, V. Vecellio, T. Stoinski

Social groups buffer maternal loss in mountain gorillas.

eLife 10:e62939 (2021)

Outreach: Science Share


Campos F., F. Villavicencio, E.A. Archie, F. Colchero, S.C. Alberts

Social relationships, social status, and survival in wild baboons: A tale of two sexes.

Philosophical Transactions B 375:20190621 (2020)

Lemaître, J.-F., V. Ronget, M. Tidière, D. Allainé, V. Berger, A. Cohas, F. Colchero, D.A. Conde, A. Liker, G. Marais, A. Scheuerlein, T. Székely, J.-M. Gaillard

Sex differences in longevity and aging rates across wild mammals.

PNAS 117(15):8546-8553 (2020)

Muller M., N. Blurton-Jones, F. Colchero, M. Emery Thompson, D. Enigk, J. Feldblum, B. Hahn, K. E. Langergraber, E. Scully, L. Vigilant, K. Walker, R. Wrangham, E. Wroblewski, A. Pusey

Sexual dimorphism in chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) and human age-specific fertility.

Journal of Human Evolution 144:102795 (2020)

Colchero, F. and B.Y. Kiyakoglu

Beyond the proportional frailty model: Bayesian estimation of individual heterogeneity in mortality parameters.

Biometrical Journal 62(1):124-135 (2020)


Conde, D.A., J. Staerk, F. Colchero, A.R. Silva, J.E. Fa, H. Syed, J. Scholey, H.M. Baden, L. Jouvet, E. Jogenhans, S. Meiri, J-M. Gaillard, S. Chamberlain, J. Wilcken, O.R. Jones, J.P. Dahlgren, U.K. Steiner, L. Bland, I. Gómez-Mestre, J.D. Lebreton, J. González Vargas, N. Flesness, V. Canudas-Romo, R. Salguero-Gómez, O. Byers, S.M. Funk, T. Bjørneboe Berg, A. Scheuerlein, S. Devillard, D.S. Schigel, H. Possingham, A. Baudisch, J.W. Vaupel

Data gaps and opportunities for comparative and conservation biology.

PNAS 116(19) 9658-9664 (2019)

Staerk, J., D.A. Conde, V. Ronget, J.-F. Lemaître, J-M. Gaillard and F. Colchero

Performance of generation time approximations for extinction risk assessments.

Journal of Applied Ecology 56(6): 1436-1446 (2019)

Colchero, F., O.R. Jones, D.A. Conde, D. Hodgson, F. Zajitschek, B.R. Schmidt, A.F. Malo, S.C. Alberts, P.H. Becker, S. Bouwhuis, A.M. Bronikowski, K.M. De Vleeschouwer, R.J. Delahay, S. Dummermuth, E. Fernández-Duque, J. Frisenvæatnge, M. Hesselsøe, S. Larson, J.-F. Lemaître, J. McDonald, D.A.W. Miller, C. O'Donnell, C. Packer, B.E. Raboy, C.J. Reading, E. Wapstra, H. Weimerskirch, G.M. While, A. Baudisch, T. Flatt, T. Coulson and J.-M. Gaillard

The diversity of population responses to environmental change.

Ecology Letters 22(2): 342-353 (2019)

Outreach: Phys.org, EureKalert!, Tendencias, Scitech Europa, Sciency Daily, SDU


Colchero, F., A.E. Aliaga, O.R. Jones and D.A. Conde

Individual heterogeneity determines sex differences in mortality in a monogamous bird with reversed sexual dimorphism.

Journal of Animal Ecology 86: 899-907 (2017)

Outreach: DR.dk, EureKalert!, SDU

Rebke, M., P.H. Becker and F. Colchero

Better the devil you know: common terns stay with a familiar partner although pair duration does not affect breeding output.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284:2016.1424 (2017)

Outreach: Smithsonian, Science Daily, Eureka Alert, Videnskab


Colchero, F., R. Rau, O.R. Jones, J. Barthold, D.A. Conde, A. Lenart, L. Nemeth, A. Scheuerlein, J. Schoeley, C. Torres, V. Zarulli, J. Altmann, D.K. Brockman, A.M. Bronikowski, L.M. Fedigan, A. Pusey, T.S. Stoinski, K.B. Strier, A. Baudisch, S.C. Alberts and J.W. Vaupel

The emergence of longevous populations.

PNAS 113 (48): E7681-E7690 (2016)

Featured: 2016 PNAS Cozzarelli prize for Behavioral and Social Sciences

Outreach: EurekAlert, BBC Mundo, Science Daily, Le Scienze, Clarín

J.P. Dahlgren, F. Colchero, O.R. Jones, D.-I. Øien, A. Moen & N. Sletvold

Actuarial senescence in a long-lived orchid challenges our current understanding of ageing.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283: 2016.1217 (2016)

Barthold, J., C. Packer, A. Loveridge, D. W. Macdonald, F. Colchero

Dead or gone? Bayesian inference on mortality for the dispersing sex.

Ecology and Evolution 6:4910-4923 (2016)

Barthold, J., A. Loveridge, D. W. Macdonald, C. Packer, F. Colchero

Bayesian estimates of male and female African lion mortality for future use in population management.

Journal of Applied Ecology 53: 295-304 (2016)

Outreach: EurekAlert!

Larson, S.M., F. Colchero, O.R. Jones, L Williams, E. Fernández-Duque

Age and sex-specific mortality of wild and captive populations of a monogamous pair-bonded primate (Aotus azarae).

American Journal of Primatology 78(3):315-325 (2016)


Conde, D.A., F. Colchero, B. Güneralp, M. Gusset, B. Skolnik, M. Parr, O. Byers, K. Johnson, G. Young, N. Flesness, H. Possingham, J.E. Fa

Opportunities and costs for preventing vertebrate extinctions.

Current Biology 25(6): R219-R221 (2015)

Outreach: Le Monde

Koons, D.N., F. Colchero, K. Hersey, O. Gimenez

Disentangling the effects of climate, density dependence, and harvest on the population dynamics of North America’s most iconic large herbivore.

Ecological Applications 25:956-967 (2015)

Salguero-Gómez, R, et al.

The COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database an Open Online Repository for Plant Demography.

Journal of Ecology 103:202-218 (2015)


Colchero, F. and R. Schaible

Mortality as a bivariate function of age and size in indeterminate growers.

Ecosphere 5(12): 161 (2014)

Zubillaga, M., O. Skewes, N. Soto, J. E. Rabinovich, F. Colchero

Bayesian inference on the effect of density dependence and weather on a guanaco population from Chile.

Plos One e115307 (2014)

Plante, S., F. Colchero and S. Calmé

Foraging strategy of a Neotropical primate: how intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence destination and residence time. 

Journal of Animal Ecology 83: 116-125 (2014)

Zajitschek, F., Jin, T., F. Colchero, and A. Maklakov

Aging differently: diet- and sex-dependent late-life mortality patterns in Drosophila melanogaster.

Journal of Gerontology Series A 69(6): 666-674 (2014)


Conde, D.A., F. Colchero, P. Pearce-Kelly, O. Byers, M. Gusset, N. Flesness, R. K. Browne and Jones, O.R.

Zoos through the lens of the IUCN Red List: a global metapopulation approach to support conservation breeding programs.

Plos One 8(12): e80311 (2013)

Outreach: Conservation, EurekAlert!, Science Daily

Baudisch, A., R. Salguero-Gómez, O.R. Jones, T. Wrycza, C. Mbeau-Ache, M. Franco, and F. Colchero

The Pace and Shape of Senescence in Angiosperms.

Journal of Ecology 101: 596-606 (2013)


Colchero, F., O.R. Jones and M. Rebke

BaSTA: an R package for Bayesian estimation of age-specific survival from incomplete mark-recapture/recovery data with covariates.

Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 466-470 (2012)

Outreach: the Guardian

Colchero, F. and James S. Clark

Bayesian inference on age-specific survival for censored and truncated data.

Journal of Animal Ecology 81: 139-149 (2012)

Featured: Faculty of 1000

Schaible, R., A. Gerloff-Elias, F. Colchero, H. Schubert

Neighbouring parthenogenetic populations of Chara canescens differ in their capacity to acclimate to irradiance and salinity.

Oecologia 168: 343-353 (2012)


Conde, D.A, N. Flesness, F. Colchero, O. Jones, A. Scheuerlein

Zoos and captive breeding: response.

Science 332: 1150-1151 (2011)

Conde, D.A, N. Flesness, F. Colchero, O. Jones, A. Scheuerlein

An emerging role of zoos to conserve biodiversity.

Science 331: 1390-1391 (2011)

Colchero, F., D. A. Conde, C. Manterola, C. Chávez, A. Rivera and G. Ceballos

Jaguars on the move: modeling movement to mitigate fragmentation from road expansion in the Mayan Forests.

Animal Conservation 14(2): 158-166 (2011)

Outreach: BBC News


Conde, D. A., F. Colchero, H. Zarza, N. L. Christensen Jr, J. Sexton, C. Manterola, A. Rivera, C. Chávez, D. Azuara and G. Ceballos

Sex matters: modeling male and female jaguar habitat for conservation.

Biological Conservation 143: 1980-1988 (2010)

Outreach: Conservation Maven

Colchero, F., O. L. Bass, Jr., R. Zambrano, and J. A. Gore

Clustered nesting and vegetation thresholds reduce egg predation in sooty tern.

Waterbirds 33(2): 169-178 (2010)


Colchero, F., R. A. Medellín, J. S. Clark, R. Lee, and G. Katul

Predicting population survival under future climate change: density dependence, drought and extraction in an insular bighorn sheep.

Journal of Animal Ecology 78(3): 666-673 (2009)

Featured: JAE Editor's comment, Faculty 1000

Outreach: Science Daily


Schick, R. S., S. R. Loarie, F. Colchero, B. D. Best, A. Boustany, D. A. Conde, P. N. Halpin, L. N. Joppa, C. M. McLellan, and J. S. Clark

Understanding movement data and movement processes. Current and emerging directions.

Ecology Letters 11: 1338-1350 (2008)

Books and book chapters

Pallares, E., C. Manterola, D. A. Conde and F. Colchero (2015) Roads and jaguars in the Mayan Forests. In van der Ree, R., Smith, D. J., and Grilo, C. (eds). Handbook of Road Ecology. John Wiley & Sons, Oxford.

Manterola, C., D. A. Conde, F. Colchero, A. Rivera, E. Huerta, A. Soler and E. Pallares (2011) El jaguar como elemento estratégico para la conservación. Corredor Biológico Mesoamericano México Serie Acciones / Número 8

Colchero, F., L. Leon-Paniagua, and A. G. Navarro-Siguenza (2006) Hábitat del berrendo en México. In El Berrendo en México, Acciones de Conservación. Instituto Nacional de Ecología, eds. México. (publication)

Colchero, F., G. O’Farrill, and R. A. Medellín (2005) Didelphis marsupialis. In G. Ceballos and G. Oliva eds. Los Mamíferos Silvestres de México. CONABIO-CFE. México.

Medellín, R. A. and F. Colchero (2001) Los borregos cimarrones de la Isla Tiburón: conservación y desarrollo sustentable. Recuadro XVII.3. Pages 510-512 In Primack, R., R. Rozzi, P. Feinsinger, R. Dirzo, y F. Massardo eds. Fundamentos de conservación biológica Perspectivas Latinoamericanas. Fondo de Cultura Económica. México.

Colchero, F., R. A. Medellín, R. Lee, C. Manterola, and G. Ceballos (1999) The Tiburon Island desert bighorn sheep: a conservation and sustainable development program in Mexico. Pages 77-82 In A. E. Thomas and H. L. Thomas, eds. Proceedings of the Second North American Wild Sheep Conference. Reno, Nevada, USA. (publication)

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