Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing

DM818, Fall 2011

Daniel Merkle


09.01.2011: Details for the oral exam on January, 25th are online. You can choose a slot that you prefer by putting your name in the list in the secretaries' office until Jan. 16th, noon.

09.01.2011: All slides are final in the blackboard system. (Nothing was changed since the last lecture).

21.11.2011: New slides online. Mandatory assignment 4 online. Suggestions for mandatory assignment 4 online. Weekly notes for week 47 online. Deadlines finalized.

11.11.2011: Weekly notes for week 45 and 46 and exercises for week 46 are online.

09.11.2011: Slides for week 45 and 46 are online.

03.10.2011: Weekly notes for week 40 and exercises for week 41 are online.

03.10.2011: Slides updated in blackboard (all including week 40).

26.09.2011: Preliminary version of the 2nd mandatory assignment was posted.

22.09.2011: In the lecture on Friday the 2009 matrix-matrix-multiplication competition winners will receive their price.

16.09.2011: Weekly notes for week 38 are online. Slide sets for week 37 including hints for the first assignment are in blackboard.

12.09.2011: Weekly notes for week 37 are online.

06.09.2011: Slides set for week 35/36 updated.

02.09.2011: Slides (prliminary) and 2 book chapters for week 35 and 36 are online.

29.08.2011: First (intro-)lecture is tomorrow. You will (individually) be handed out the password to access resourses at NERSC.

You got a mail regarding the procedure to access the resources at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US. Fill out the NERSC usage policies as described in the mail, and send the signed document back to me or put it in the mailbox in the secretaries office. The strict deadline for receiving the signed document is === August, 23rd, 1pm === .

Do not forget! There will be no possibility for late registrations.


Week 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
Tue 08-10 (Seminar Room) Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture
Wed 10-12 (Seminar Room)
Fri 12-14 (Seminar Room) Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Exercise NO lecture Lecture / Exercise
Week 45 46 47 48 49 50 51
Mo 10-12 (Seminar Room) Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture
Wed 08-10 (Seminar Room) Lecture Exercise Exercise Exercise Lecture Lecture (starting 9.15)
Fri 10-12 (Seminar Room) Lecture/Exercise

Weekly Notes / Tutorial Exercises

The slides (and additional material) presented in the lectures can be found in the Blackboard System.

Week 35 Introduction / Overview / Single Processor Machines: Memory Hierarchies and Processor Features
Week 36 Tuning Matrix Multiply, Introduction to Parallel Machines and Programming Models Weekly Notes (including an exercise for the first tutorial section)
Week 37 Introduction to Parallel Machines and Programming Models, Sources of Parallelism and Locality in Simulation Weekly Notes
Week 38 Shared Memory Programming: Threads and OpenMP, Distributed Memory Machines and Programming Weekly Notes
Week 39 Distributed Memory Machines and Programming - MPI, Cost Model, Mapping Weekly Notes, Exercises for Week 39
Week 40 Platforms, Design, Basic Communication Weekly Notes
Week 41 Basic Communication, Analytical Modelling Exercises for Week 41
Week 45 Analytical Modelling of Parallel Programs Weekly Notes
Week 46 Dense Matrix Algorithms Weekly Notes for week 46. Exercises for week 46 .
Week 47 Graph Algorithms Weekly Notes for week 47 (includes suggestions for 4th mand. assignment)
Week 48 Discrete Optimization tba
Week 49 Graph Partitioning tba
Week 50 Dynamic Programming tba
Week 51 Sorting / Presentations tba

Office Hours

Just write a short mail, and come by.

  • Office: IMADA, 14-602b-2 map.
  • Phone: 2322
  • E-mail: daniel


Main course book:

[1] Grama, A; A. Gupta; G. Karypis; V. Kumar: Introduction to Parallel Computing. Pearson, 2003. Errata by John Kirk

Additional reading information is given on the lecture slides.

Additional reading can also be found in the Blackboard System


Course Description

The official course description can be found here.

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